Boss Files Sep 12, 2023

Boss Files: Sophie Dalah

We sit down with Sophie Dalah who is an Australian-born chef who grew up in the food industry. Sophie leans on her Jewish Iraqi heritage combined with her love of Japanese cooking to develop uniquely inspired flavors. Her menus are inspired by seasonal and local produce sourced directly from farmer’s markets, and we look forward to sharing our seasonal recipes with you here on All Sorts Of!

Boss Files Jun 2, 2023

Boss Files: Nicole Modic

We sit down with the talented Nicole Modic, and hear how Kalejunkie came to be, along with a recipe for one of her most delicious salads!

Boss Files May 23, 2023

Boss Files: Crudo E Nudo

Chef Brian Bornemann and Leena Culhane share about the path and day-to-day that supports their incredible restaurant Crudo e Nudo and now Isla located in Santa Monica

Boss Files May 13, 2023

Boss Files: Wellness with Ashley Marah

We get to talk with Ashley Marah, a wellness coach for the mind and body located in NYC.

Boss Files Apr 25, 2023

Boss Files: Chelsey Pecoy

We sit down with chef, Chelsey Pecoy of Lighthearted Kitchen.

Boss Files Apr 20, 2023

Boss Files: Lauri Kranz

We sit down with the author behind the book, A Garden Can Be Anywhere.

Boss Files Mar 28, 2023

Boss Files: Jitana

We sit down with the talented Denise Hernandez, founder of Shop Jitana.

Boss Files Jul 7, 2022

Boss Files: Alexis deBoschnek

We sit down with the author behind the new cookbook, To the Last Bite

Boss Files Jan 7, 2022

Boss Files: Melanie Masarin

We sit down with the creator behind our favorite spirits-free apéritif, Ghia.

Boss Files Jun 2, 2021

Boss Files: Eunice Byun

We sit down with the CEO, of Material Kitchen

Boss Files May 21, 2021

Boss Files: Rebekah Peppler

We sit down with the Paris-based writer and food stylist of À Table.

Boss Files Apr 23, 2021

Boss Files: Jamie Davis

We sit down with the owner behind Portola Paints in Los Angeles.

Boss Files Mar 4, 2021

Boss Files: Lisa Przystup

We sit down with the author behind the new lifestyle book, Upstate.