Meet The Artisan Mar 12, 2024

Meet the Artisan: She Made Ceramics

She Made Ceramics embodies rustic elegance and timeless simplicity, paying homage to America’s expansive countrysides and the historic farmhouses built upon them. Follow along with this conversation as we learn more about her art, business, and experience as a female entrepreneur.

Meet The Artisan Mar 6, 2024

Meet the Artisan: Filling Spaces

Filling Spaces is a sister-run business founded in 2008. Every product embodies rich artistic tradition, creativity, and craftsmanship. Read on to follow along with this special conversation and shop some of our favorite products.

Meet The Artisan Feb 9, 2024

Meet the Artisan: Harlem Candle Company

We’re thrilled to feature Harlem Candle Company, a luxury home fragrance brand inspired by the Harlem renaissance and a friend of Shoppe Amber Interiors, today on All Sorts Of. Join us as we sit down with founder, Teri Johnson, to explore more of the brand’s story and mission.

Meet The Artisan Feb 2, 2024

Meet the Artisan: Tensira

Tensira is a retailer of linens and accessories handmade by skilled artisans in the Republic of Guinea. With a focus on sustainable production and a fair work environment, Tensira devotes every effort to preserving traditional techniques and providing dignified work for women in the community. Read on to follow along with this special conversation.

Meet The Artisan Jan 19, 2024

Meet the Artisan: Taylor Linens

We’re taking a seat with Taylor Linens. Read through our conversation to glean some insight into the special story behind this brand as well as some tips and tricks for curating a cozy collection of your own. 

Meet The Artisan Nov 22, 2023

Meet the Artisan: MH Ceramics

Adi Mizrahi and Ron Hellmann are partners in life and business as the “M” and the “H” in MH Studios. Together for the past 13 years, they founded MH Studio when their shared passion for ceramics evolved from a hobby into a business during the pandemic.

Meet The Artisan Oct 24, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Tyler Guinn

Tyler Guinn is an artist living and working in Austin, Texas with his wife and two sons. His work in conceptual abstract expressionism is collected internationally, featured in notable design projects, represented by various galleries and we are thrilled to carry his work in our Shoppes.

Meet The Artisan Oct 2, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Kayla Seah

We chat with Kayla Seah, the creative force behind “Not Your Standard,” turning her dedication to clean, non-toxic living into an home product line, elevating everyday items into beautiful creations.

Meet The Artisan Aug 25, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Shelly Madruga

Shelly Madruga worked for many years as a graphic designer at an internationally recognized advertising agency. Throughout her career as a designer, Shelly continued to study color theory, which is now extremely relevant in her paintings.

Meet The Artisan Jul 26, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Flamingo Estate

We chat with Richard Christiansen about his California hillside home and garden, Flamingo Estate.

Meet The Artisan May 30, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Victoria Morris

Los Angeles native Victoria Morris has been making pottery for over 25 years. Our team couldn’t love her pieces more, their timeless nature and beautiful appearance leave such an impression. Read along to hear more about her journey.

Meet The Artisan May 19, 2023

Meet the Artisan: OWIU Ceramics

An interview with the remarkable OWIU team, learning about what brought their ceramics to life and what inspires them most.

Meet The Artisan May 4, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Feelceramics

An interview with ceramicist Sharon, from Feelceramics