Meet The Artisan Mar 20, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Virginia Sin

An interview with Virginia Sin about her robust ceramic brand that is growing with every new collection.

Meet The Artisan Mar 13, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Brittney Schulz

We sit down with Brittney Shulz to talk about her whimsical painting practice and what made our team fall in love with the work she is making from her life in Idaho.

Meet The Artisan Mar 8, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Jessie DuBois

We sit down with ceramicist Jessie DuBois to chat all things about her creative journey.

Meet The Artisan Apr 16, 2021

Meet the Artisan: Ronnie Williams

We sit down with artist, Ronnie Williams.

Meet The Artisan Mar 30, 2021

Meet the Artisan: Aileen Fitzgerald

We sit down with Mama and Painter, Aileen Fitzgerald.

Meet The Artisan Nov 6, 2020

Meet the Artisan: Tracie Hervy

An interview with ceramicist, Tracie Hervy.

Meet The Artisan Oct 16, 2020

Meet the Artist: Addie Chapin

A conversation with artist Addie Chapin on her creative journey and what fuels her inspiration.

Meet The Artisan May 12, 2020

Meet the Artist: Hannah Winters

An interview with artist, Hannah Winters.

Meet The Artisan Jan 16, 2020

Meet the Artisan: Victoria Morris

A conversation with Victoria Morris on her creative process, advice for beginning a creative journey, and more.

Meet The Artisan Aug 8, 2019

Meet the Artisan: Peter Sheldon

A conversation with Peter Sheldon on his creative process, advice for beginning a creative journey, and more.

Meet The Artisan May 22, 2019

Meet the Artist: Elissa Barber

A conversation with artist Elissa Barber on how she’s turned her passion into a business, and finding authenticity and voice.

Meet The Artisan Mar 5, 2019

Meet the Artisan: Brendan Ravenhill

A conversation with Brendan Ravenhill on keeping his business local, fostering a community-like work environment, and why LA is now called home.

Meet The Artisan Dec 18, 2018

Meet the Artisan: Peter Maxwell of Made Solid

Meet the maker behind Made Solid’s handmade leather goods, made right here in the heart of Los Angeles.