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Hosting 101: New Years Eve

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It’s those few days between Christmas and New Years, when we’re all in a blissful state of mind, have had far too many hot toddies, and we’re not quite sure which day of the week it is. In case you’re wondering, we are less than a week away from 2020. We know, we can’t believe it either. The pressure of making plans for New Years Eve often gets the best of people. Planning trips, finding arrangements, booking a crazy expensive pre-fixe meal…it can get nutty out there. Sometimes, the best way to go to is to keep it mellow and throw a little gathering right at home. So, if you’re hosting friends for New Years Eve this year, we got you covered. Follow these hosting basics…you can’t go wrong! 


Simplicity is the name of the game around here. Drape a tablecloth over your main dining table and add festive, fresh flowers in vases. The tablecloth adds a layer of protection to your tabletop — and it’s extra pretty. Layer simple linen napkins in a pile on the table for an extra touch.  Match your Scatter tea lights and candle sticks around the main rooms, which creates a moody ambiance. And don’t forget the bathrooms! Make sure the hand towels are fresh and light a candle to keep it smelling fresh (trust us, your guests will love this touch). 


No need for a rib roast, but make sure your guests know what to expect when they arrive. Make it clear if you’re hosting dinner, or if you’ll only be providing light bites. Heavy drinking typically ensues on day number 365, so make sure you have hearty snacks that will absorb that extra glass of bubbly. To make things extra easy on yourself for clean-up, consider these chic and eco-friendly disposable bamboo plates and cutlery. Trust us, you won’t want to deal with washing the dishes after everyone leaves or the morning after. 


Bubbly is the name of the game. To be the hostess with the mostess, stash an icy bottle or two for the countdown and top off your guests a few minutes before the clock strikes midnight. Also, be mindful of guests that don’t drink alcohol. Have a few non-alcoholic options on tap. Pro-tip: Don’t forget to leave out pitchers of water. Yes, water is a drink and the rule of having a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink actually works! And if you have any countertops that you’re worried about damaging, make sure you have coasters galore!


Good party tunes are very important. And a good speaker system is equally important. The night might start off a little mellow, but trust us, you’ll want a solid speaker system as the night turns up.



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