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How We Work From Home

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Various Photographers

If we’ve learned anything at all during this global pandemic, it’s that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to tackle the day-to-day. We’re all braving this storm together and learning from each other along the way. We’ve been doing our best to spread the word about charities fighting the good fight to help raise money, we’re doing our best to support our local businesses that are suffering, and we’ve been (hopefully) inspiring you and bringing a smile to your faces with pretty scenes from home.

While many of us are lucky enough to be home — working, parenting, teaching, cooking, cleaning, crying, laughing — we’re here to tell you that you’re doing a GREAT JOB! A common thing we’ve been hearing and want to encourage you, is that you can only do what you can. Every day is a challenge, but we’ll get through this tougher and stronger on the other side.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out these Work From Home snapshots from some of our favorite boss ladies doing all sorts of things while staying at home. Take each day at a time, breathe, and keep working hard. We got this! Sending love to you and yours!

Kelly Harris, Co-Founder of Midland Shop

Janessa Leone, Founder of Janessa Leone

Amber Lewis, Founder of Amber Interiors

Heidi Caillier, Interior Designer

Emily Current, Co-Founder of THE GREAT.

Nicole Cohen, Interior Designer and Photographer

Ariel Kaye, Founder of Parachute Home

Megan Papay, Co-Founder of Freda Salvador

Ariel Gordon, Founder of Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Cris Palomo Nelson, Co-Founder of Freda Salvador

Emily Schuman, Founder of cupcakes and cashmere.

Lauren Liess, Interior Designer

Rachel Pally, Founder of Rachel Pally

Caitlin Flemming, Interior Designer and founder of Sacramento Street

Leanne Ford, Interior Designer

Meredith Schroeder, Co-Founder of Fleur Marche

Jersey Ice Cream Co., Interior Designers and Builders


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