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Take a Seat with Ariel Gordon

Boss FilesMar 26, 2019

A conversation with Ariel Gordon on 10 years in the biz, work-life balance, and the biggest challenges she’s faced so far.

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Meet the Artisan: Brendan Ravenhill

InterviewsMar 5, 2019

A conversation with Brendan Ravenhill on keeping his business local, fostering a community-like work environment, and why LA is now called home.

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Client West Coast Is The Best Coast

Before, During, AfterDec 7, 2018

The full home reveal of Client West Coast Is The Best Coast, designed by Amber Interiors.

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Boss FilesMar 20, 2019

Take a Seat with Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder

A conversation with the co-founders of Fleur Marché on the wellness benefits of cannabis, frequent misconceptions about CBD, and being women in the industry.

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Add To CartDec 4, 2018

Add to Cart: Install Kit

The Amber Interiors guide to everything you need for an install, or moving into a new home or apartment.

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