DesignDec 7, 2018

Client West Coast Is The Best Coast

The full home reveal of Client West Coast Is The Best Coast, designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignDec 4, 2018

Add to Cart: Install Kit

The Amber Interiors guide to everything you need for an install, or moving into a new home or apartment.

DesignNov 30, 2018

Client Black Houses Are The Best Houses

A “Scandinavian Modern Cabin” in the heart of Venice, California designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignNov 26, 2018

Client Greater Than Great

The full reveal of Emily Current’s kitchen and powder room.

DesignNov 26, 2018

Video: A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Style A Bed

A serious breakdown on how to style a bed, Amber Lewis style.