DesignOct 14, 2019

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // My Partnership with Marvin

Amber officially announces her partnership with Marvin for her very own home.

DesignSep 26, 2019

Current Crush: Greige Cabinetry 

All sorts of ‘Greige’ kitchens we’re loving at the moment.

DesignSep 12, 2019

Client Double Thumbs Up

A rock and roll infused family abode designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignSep 7, 2019

Add to Cart: Dressers

All sorts of Dressers we’re obsessing over right now.

DesignSep 5, 2019

How to Style a Bedroom Two Ways with Jake Arnold

Two totally different looks with a few simple swamps.

DesignAug 27, 2019

Add to Cart: Dining Tables

All sorts of Dining Tables we’re currently obsessing over.

DesignAug 22, 2019

At Home with Jake Arnold

A tour of Jake’s West Hollywood home, a quintessential Spanish-style home filled with collected pieces.

DesignAug 21, 2019

Add to Cart: Dining Chairs

All sorts of Dining Chairs we’re currently obsessing over.

DesignJul 23, 2019

Client Canyon Cool

The full ‘Before’ and ‘After’ reveal of a Los Angeles canyon home, designed by Amber Lewis.

DesignJul 12, 2019

Designer Spotlight: Pierce & Ward

A conversation with Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce on creative freedom, trusting their guts, and why mistakes are okay.

DesignJun 28, 2019

Client What’s The Story Spanish Glory

The full ‘Before’ and ‘After’ reveal of a Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, designed by Amber Lewis.

DesignJun 11, 2019

Client No Go OG Bungalow

Shoppe Amber Interiors’ latest Digital Lookbook, styled by Amber Lewis in Malibu, California.

DesignMay 31, 2019

Perfect Pairings: Bedroom Edition

Five totally different beds and bed side table combos that are classic Amber Interiors’ vibes.