DesignFeb 19, 2019

Add to Cart: Ottomans

All Sorts Of-approved ottomans we’re currently obsessing over.

DesignFeb 14, 2019

Add to Cart: Pendant Lights

All Sorts Of approved pendants that we’re currently obsessing over.

DesignJan 16, 2019

Add to Cart: Storage

Obsessing over all things Marie Kondo? We rounded up our favorite organizing and storage solutions to keep you tidy.

DesignJan 11, 2019

Client Say No Morrison

The full home reveal of Client Say No Morrison, designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignJan 8, 2019

White Paint Digest 2019

Amber Lewis’ go-to white paints for 2019.

DesignJan 8, 2019

Add To Cart: Paint Supplies

The Amber Interiors shopping guide to all the supplies you need to paint a room.

DesignJan 4, 2019

Add to Cart: Poufs

All Sorts Of approved poufs. Go ahead, put your feet up.

DesignDec 28, 2018

Add to Cart: Bar Stools

All Sorts Of approved bar stools of the moment.

DesignDec 27, 2018

Client For Reals The Nicest People On The Planet

A classic Amber Interiors designed home in Lafayette, California.

DesignDec 20, 2018

Client Z to the E to the N Again

A family home in the Pacific Palisades, infused with Amber Interiors character and warmth.

DesignDec 13, 2018

Client Welcome to LA We Hope You Stay

A family friendly home in Los Angeles, designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignDec 7, 2018

Client West Coast Is The Best Coast

The full home reveal of Client West Coast Is The Best Coast, designed by Amber Interiors.

DesignDec 4, 2018

Add to Cart: Install Kit

The Amber Interiors guide to everything you need for an install, or moving into a new home or apartment.