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Ask Amber Oct 27, 2023

Amber’s Black Friday Fashion and Home Décor Finds

Amber shares her fashion, accessory, and home picks for Black Friday.

Ask Amber Sep 21, 2023

Call It Home: The Book Tour

All the info on upcoming events with Amber Lewis in celebration of Call It Home

Ask Amber Oct 7, 2021

Inside My Makeup Routine

A roundup from Amber on her go-to makeup products.

Ask Amber Apr 24, 2020

Ask Amber: Q&A on Multiple Sclerosis

A Q&A with Amber on her recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Ask Amber Dec 31, 2019

I Got 2020 Vision

A letter from Amber about all sorts of things coming in 2020.

Ask Amber Nov 27, 2019

All Sorts Of is ONE!

A letter from Amber on the one-year anniversary of All Sorts Of.

Ask Amber Oct 3, 2019

Shoppe 3.0 is Coming!

Shoppe Amber Interiors is officially opening their 3rd storefront in Newport Beach, California!

Ask Amber Jun 17, 2019

Video: Amber Lewis, Talks at Google

Amber talks about building a global brand with followers around the world and the challenges and opportunities of being a female entrepreneur.

Ask Amber Jan 22, 2019

Shoppe’s Brand New Website

Read all about the history of Shoppe, and the brand new Shoppe Amber Interiors website with a fresh look, new features and new arrivals.

Ask Amber Nov 26, 2018

DaFAQ: All Sorts Of

Everything you want to know about why Amber started All Sorts Of, what is it and more.

Ask Amber Nov 26, 2018

Welcome to All Sorts Of

A welcome letter from Amber Lewis.