DesignMar 11, 2020

Add to Cart: Move In Kit

Written by All Sorts Of

ICYMI: Amber has been in the midst of moving into her new house (#clientmemyselfandIcantmakeupmymind) the past few weeks, and although it has been quite the process, there are a few things to have on hand that make it that much easier. See below for our fave picks!

19 Quart Clear Stacking Boxes


Black + Decker Handheld Cordless Vacuum


Stone Care Daily Marble Cleaner


Handheld Clothing Steamer


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Shoes


Rug Pad


MacSports Collapsible Folding Wagon


Glass Cleaning Concentrate


Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Stasher Reusable Bags


Large Trash Bags


Wing Corkscrew


Palo Santo


Moorea Candle - Essentials by Amber Lewis


Royal Ostrich Mini Duster


AmazonBasics 65 Piece Home Repair Kit


White T-Shirt Knit Rags


Red Ultra Storage Trunk with Wheels


Mop and Broom Holder


Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner


Crystal Clear Glassware Cleaner Set


Compact Broom with Collapsible Handle


Glass Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve


Cleaning Caddy


Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket



  • Nancy

    I am obsessed with Amber’s kitchen. Everything about it makes my heart sing! I have a question though–how is it possible to have sink made of marble? How do you prevent stains? I feel like I am missing out on some breakthrough sealant or product that makes marble practical. Please share your secret!

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