Boss FilesMay 13, 2023

Boss Files: Wellness with Ashley Marah

Written by Wesleigh Byrd
Photographed by Elena Taber

Ashley Marah has a grace and kindness about her you don’t forget once you’ve crossed paths. In this world of fast-paced living and emotional abrasions at every turn, she’s cultivated a wellness practice by not only embodying it first but also extending her efforts to her NYC community with genuine care. I learned what brought her here & what helps her continue step-by-step in a field that’s constantly being challenged by the personal journeys we all are on. She reminded me that our minds and bodies are gifts to be tended to with awareness and simplicity.

Without further ado, the beautiful Ashley Marah!

a conversation with Ashley…

Tell us about you! You live and work in NYC, how is that?

It’s a whirlwind! I’ve lived in NYC for nearly 5 years and my time here has been split up into many chapters, personally and professionally. It’s a challenging environment to be my own boss, but it’s also given me the motivation to be completely autonomous with my time which gives me the flexibility to travel often. The nature of the city is simultaneously energizing and draining, so it’s essential to strike a balance. The access to the arts, diverse culture, and music are my favorite aspects, so I soak that up whenever I can. I have friends who feel like family here, so I’ve truly hit the jackpot in that category and wouldn’t survive without them! 


How did you arrive at nutrition and wellness coaching?

I grew up as a dancer, so that was naturally very formative to my perception of self – I was on the receiving end of a lot of toxic behavior and it took many years of trial and error to figure out what true wellness looked and felt like to me. During COVID, I was working from home and had the time to enroll in an accelerator course for Holistic Nutrition. Once I finished my studies, I launched my business shortly after and built it up slowly over time while working for other companies. 


What are the things that inspire your relationship to this field of work?

My ultimate inspiration was to become the person that I needed when I was young and unsure of how to properly nourish my mind & body. Unfortunately, most women, and a large percentage of men, struggle with their relationship to food and their body at some point in their lives. To flexibly enjoy the pleasures of life is ultimate freedom, and it’s been such a gift to share that with my clients through our work together. 


How did you turn your passion for health into a business?

I’ve been sharing my lifestyle online since my freshman year of university, so the health-oriented seed was planted back in 2014. I wasn’t sure how it would shape my career at the time, but I knew I wanted to put nutrition and helping others at the core of my work. Fast forward to 2020, I was working from home during COVID and enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition accelerator course. Once I completed my studies, I launched my business and slowly built it over time while I continued working for other companies. At the end of last summer, I finally took the leap to pursue it full time and don’t think I will ever look back. 



What are your favorite ways to care for yourself right now?

Slowing down, eating nourishing foods, moving my body, spending time with loved ones.



What does your day-to-day entail to support your company?

At the moment I am doing a mix of virtual private coaching and corporate wellness which includes in-person workshops and group sessions. Every day looks different which keeps things fresh and allows me to be constantly learning and growing as an entrepreneur. Additionally, I spend a lot of time doing creative work for the social media side of my business. 



What’s the best piece of advice someone else has given you about mental health?

“You are not your thoughts”


What advice would you give someone who wanted to start taking better care of their mental & physical health?

Prioritize 2-3 daily practices for just 10 minutes a day – if you have more time, that’s amazing! It’s important to start small so it’s sustainable to upkeep. 


What are you most looking forward to right now?

Taking my work on the go this summer for some special slow travels with friends 



Favorite place to visit to spark inspiration?

Nature – the ocean or mountains bring me back to myself.


Color or neutrals?

Neutrals (with bold, statement accessories!)


One product that is always in your bag (can be makeup, sunglasses, momento of some sort, etc.)



Favorite space in your home?

 Living room :)


What’s something small but comforting to you?

Check in’s <3 

You can connect with Ashley here for a free consultation. During this 15 minute call you’ll have an in-depth conversation about your health history, nutrition and lifestyle habits, and any current struggles that you’re facing when it comes to overall wellness. Her mission is to help you find balance with a carefully curated plan that creates long-term ease & contentment when it comes to food, movement, and thought.

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