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Currently Following: May

Written by All Sorts Of

In case you missed it last month, we started a new series called, ‘Currently Following,’ where we share some of our favorite Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, and blogs that inspire us. Take a look at some of our favorite accounts from last month, and read more about why we decided to start this series. Scroll through, click to their pages, and get inspired by these beautiful accounts.


All Sorts Of - Emma Crowther - Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

@lumalist by Kristen Kilpatrick

All Sorts Of - Jersey Ice Cream Co - Photo by Read McKendree

@jerseyicecreamco by Read McKendree

All Sorts Of - Ashe Leandro - Photo by Shade Degges

@ashe_leandro by Shade Degges

All Sorts Of - Camellas Lloret - Cat Chen

@camellaslloret by Cat Chen

All Sorts Of - Sunday Suppers All Sorts Of - Masseria Moroseta - Photo by Marina Denisova

@masseriamoroseta by Marina Denisova

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