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How To Help: Woolsey and Camp Fires

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Jenny Earnest

If you were following along on our Instagram last week, you may have noticed we changed the launch day of this site. We had originally planned to launch last week, but as you all know, the Woolsey and Camp Fires devastated California. We were directly affected by the Woolsey Fire, which had our office, Shoppe and warehouse evacuated and shut down for days. Our friends, families and co-workers were battling the flames in Malibu and thousands of homes across California were destroyed. Work seemed trivial and we put all our energy into finding ways to help.

The launch of this site took a backseat. To be honest, we even thought about launching in the new year. Then we thought, why not use this platform to spread the word on ways to help. After our Shoppe donation drive, we made a promise that we would continue to raise awareness on ways to help. Sure, the Internet may not be posting as much a couple weeks after the fact, but we know we have the best community (all of you) to call on to keep spreading the word on ways to support families and communities in need.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve truly experienced what it’s like to be part of a tight knit community — and that doesn’t just mean our local community. It’s all of you from all over the world. Even if it feels like a small contribution in the grand scheme of rebuilding these communities, it’s one step closer. 

We put together a list of people and organizations who are in need of monetary donations and we hope you will consider even the smallest of donations. Every dollar counts. Thank you for being the best. You guys remind us what being part of a community is all about. 

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