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Take a Seat with Ariel Kaye

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Ariel Kaye is the definition of a hustler. She’s the kind of entrepreneur that you should take notes from and the kind that you’ll want to keep a close eye on, because we already know she’s about to do some even bigger things in her career. Ariel is the mastermind behind Parachute. She built this brand out of personal passion and customer needs, and it’s apparent that she succeeded in creating a household name that we’ve all grown to love and have in our homes. It’s one of the most personal brands of our time — it’s all about the customer, and they continue to evolve as customer demand and needs shift.


As of recently, Ariel is also a new mama, continuing to grow her brand and she’s juggling it all like a true boss. We were lucky enough to chat with Ariel about the real talk of running a business, lessons learned along the way, and how to manage work/life balance. Trust us on this one — take a seat with Ariel Kaye, get to know her, and learn from what she’s got to say.
a conversation with Ariel Kaye…

You are one impressive entrepreneur who found a major gap in the market and came up with a solution that we all love dearly. Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

Before launching Parachute, I spent a decade working in advertising and brand development in New York. I was also a huge design enthusiast – I had an interior design blog, and I frequently helped my friends and family decorate their homes.

I was a super consumer of home goods, and when it came to bedding, I couldn’t find a single brand that was high quality, affordable or easy to buy. I also realized that no one had an association with brands when they bought their sheets. As someone who built brands in advertising, I recognized a true business opportunity – there was a serious void in the market. This is when I had my “aha” moment.


What were some of the biggest roadblocks you faced while getting Parachute off the ground? How did you overcome it?

When I started talking to investors, I received feedback that the way I talked about Parachute was too relaxed and my overall energy was too chill. While I’m a laid-back, potential investors were mistaking this as a lack of enthusiasm for what I was working on.

I shifted my pitch to show my hustle, drive and unrelenting passion. I learned to channel the intensity and excitement I felt. Every time I spoke to a potential investor, I made sure they didn’t leave the room without feeling my intensity and excitement, too. I was determined, and although starting a brand is extremely challenging, they needed to know I was never going to give up.


What’s something you’re most proud of since starting this company?

Creating something that people care about and has impact are my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, from developing new products that help them start and end their days feeling their very best, to creating unique and engaging shopping experiences right in their neighborhoods. Thinking of the looks on our customers faces when they touch or feel our products for the first time, or find the exact inspiration they are looking for in one of our stores is extremely rewarding.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, either professionally or personally?

The best advice I’ve received is to always put the customer first. We’re always striving to learn more about our community through testing, research and focus groups. I strongly advise budding entrepreneurs to truly listen to customer feedback and use those takeaways to implement changes when appropriate.

I also like to remind myself to not sweat the small stuff. Staying positive is key!


What advice would you give to someone feeling stuck in the career?

Trust your instincts, because when you’re doing something you love, you can’t imagine doing anything else.


What keeps your hustle going every day? What motivates you?

My team of dreamers at Parachute always keep me motivated, interested and eager to do more. Plus, my daughter Lou is a constant reminder to keep going. I want her to see how hard I work and to grow up as part of the Parachute family.


You are a new mama to sweet Lou! How has motherhood changed you?

To be honest, I haven’t figured out how to properly explain the ways that motherhood has changed me. I do know that it has changed me completely. Having a baby has opened my eyes and made me see the world with an entirely new perspective. She has expanded my heart in ways I didn’t know possible – she shows me how to love completely and fearlessly. The past nine months have been the hardest and the happiest of my entire life. Lou is pure joy, her curiosity has no bounds, her soul is wise and she is no doubt my greatest teacher of all.


What are your thoughts on work-life balance — especially now as a mother? Do you think it’s attainable?

Work/life balance is an ongoing learning experience and challenge. When I started Parachute, I committed to making work my number one priority. I quickly learned that a balance is critical to not burn out. Plus, there’s so much more to life, especially with my daughter! I think being self- aware is key – acknowledge when you need to step away and recharge. The big moments with family and friends are hard to get back so I’m making more of an effort to be present.


What are five things you can’t live without right now?

  1. I love my Ariel Gordon “Name It” Necklace. It’s customized with Lou’s name. It’s a beautiful piece and a way for me to keep her close at all times.
  2. Our new Cloud Cotton Robe is my favorite! It’s the ideal weight and comes in the most perfect shade of Amber. I’ve been living in mine!
  3. My Osea Essential Hydrating Oil has been keeping my skin looking healthy. I may not be getting a lot of sleep these days (thanks Lou) so this oil has been helping me look fresh and a little glowy.
  4. The Babybjorn Carrier Mini is so soft, small and easy to use. It makes it so easy to take my daughter for a hike or a walk around the block.
  5. With the cooler weather this weekend I added our new Pieced Quilt to my bed and it was a dream! The extra layer added the coziness I was seeking. The quilt is also comprised of beautiful sunset tones that immediately warmed up my bedroom.


What’s next for Parachute?

We’re always dreaming big at the office! I look forward to continuing to expand our retail footprint – we want to be where all our customers are. I am also excited to launch new product categories that extend our assortment into new rooms of the home.

Cloud Cotton Robe


Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow


Cashmere Baby Set


Cashmere Robe


Linen Shower Curtain


Quilted Slippers


Waffle Shower Curtain


Osea Essential Hydrating Oil


Pieced Quilt


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