Before, During, AfterNov 12, 2019

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // My Marvin Selections

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac

This post is in partnership with Marvin.

There is so much progress going on over at Client Me Myself and I Can’t Make Up My Mind (yep, that’s me) and I am soooo excited to share the first set of some profesh progress photos!! As of today, we officially have walls, installed ceilings and beams, got started on the exterior, and of course, installed all of our windows and doors! We took these photos a couple months ago when our Marvin windows and exterior doors were installed and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

If you need a refresher, head back to my post that’s all about why I partnered with Marvin for all the most gorgeous windows and exterior doors. Now, a lot of you have been asking which windows and exterior doors I chose – and why — and I’ve got all the answers for you today, folks!

I totally get it… choosing windows and doors is no easy task. There are so many options out there (that’s putting it lightly) and can get real overwhelming, real quickly.  I went back and forth on my own selections for our home, but what came down to it were a few things: functionality, quality and aesthetics.

I finally landed on the Signature Ultimate collection, which has so many styles, configurations and design options to choose from — which is ideal for me, because I always want alll the options. Basically, you can get whatever you want – from traditional to contemporary. After muuuch deliberation (hence the hashtag), here’s what I did:

    • I chose narrow frame casements for all the windows and multi-slide doors for all our exterior doors. I personally love the way they operate and the way they look. They’re cleaner and you see less of the mechanics.  The casement window has the ability to look like a stationary window, so you don’t have to change the style or look of the window when you switch between operating the window and having it closed!
    • For the exterior colors, I went with ‘Ebony,’ but Marvin has a lot of standard options and can also match any color in the world you’re looking for which is pretty awesome. The color of your windows and doors really depends on the vibe you’re trying to achieve. For me, I wanted something elevated that could look like steel, so black was my final pick. We’re painting the exterior siding black, which tie in nicely to my ‘Ebony’ selection, and we’re also doing exterior stone, which makes the dark windows pop, which I love. Black and white exterior colors are timeless… you can’t really go wrong with either!  That said, take into consideration the exterior color of your home before you make any decisions.
    • For the interior finishes, I opted for a primed white, which I’ll be painting over soon (once I pick a darn color!!). I love that primed white is option, so I can match it perfectly to the rest of the interior of the home.
    • Marvin has amazing hardware finishes, too… and it was easy for me to pick their Matte Black finish. One of the easier decisions, because it’s so pretty! On the interior, we’re painting the windows a soft greige color and the contrast of the hardware will look awesome. I love that the interior paint color can stand on its own and be different than the exterior – it doesn’t always have to match!

One of the reasons I went with these selections is because I love, love, love the look of steel windows and doors… but that comes at a real expense. Any of the ‘narrow frame’ options from the Signature Ultimate collection offer a similar look, which has a narrow and sleek profile, in wood with an aluminum-clad exterior. I also love the huge multi-slide doors we installed, which gives us panoramic views of the trees on the property and also make it so easy for us to essentially open up an entire wall of our house to the outdoors on a nice day… which is roughly 365 days a year here in LA. I decided on sliding doors for our home because of functionality, but I’m a lover of folding doors too. My general rule of thumb… as much of the outside that you can bring inside, do it!

Once I came to these final decisions, it was obvious that my selections were exactly what I needed to achieve the style I was looking for my home. Not only are they goooorgeous, they are seriously as top-notch quality as it gets. I mentioned this in my last post, but when it comes to windows, quality is key — and Marvin knows what they’re doin’!

If you have any more questions, holler in the comments below!! And of course, keep following along on my IG, because we are making some serious progress! Now, scroll on down to see some close ups of all the beautiful windows!!


  • J

    What size are your 4 windows that are wrapped together?

  • Can’t wait for it to all come together!

  • Hi Amber! Love the look of these windows. We are thinking of the same ones for our remodel in SF. Quick question, which type of divided lites did you choose? Thanks!

    • Megan White

      Thanks so much, Joshua! The divided lites are wood and come factory-applied to the glass, with aluminum spacer bars in between to create the look of actual divided panes of glass. The pattern is called a “6-lite” pattern with six rectangular sections. Hope this helps!

  • Nina

    We have chosen Marvin as well for our “historic” 1909 Queen Anne style home Reno in Denver. We have to match existing windows both stylistically and for local historic regulations. Questions:
    1. We already have original wood windows we have to paint regularly, would you still do aluminum clad on outside or wood to match?
    2. We live in an urban-ish area and my husband is concerned about security. Although our front door is glass, he is worried about an all glass with divided light Marvin door for the main access to the mud room and considering a Simmons (?) door instead to get a larger wood coverage. Is this a legitimate concern? I’d personally prefer glass for the light and Marvin to keep it consistent but he’s pretty convinced of his point. Thank you for your thoughts!

    • Megan White

      Hi Nina! Congrats on your home — sounds like it is going to be a beauty. We’d recommend wood to match your original wood windows. We checked with Marvin about their thoughts regarding safety of the glass and this was their response: “Using an all-glass door as your front door comes down to your comfort level with having more glass versus more privacy. The Marvin doors are available with various glass packages, including impact-resistant glass, and can have a key-entry lock just like a regular front door.” We hope this helps!

  • Nicole Yang

    Interesting choice of greige for the interior windows. Would never have thought of that color. What colors are you doing the walls to compliment?

    • All Sorts Of

      Hi Nicole! We haven’t finalized all paint selections just yet, but when we do — we will share. Keep an eye out!

  • Sarah Arimura

    Curious if you will be using screens with windows or slider? We are about to endeavor on a remodel in the north bay and I’m not the biggest fan of bugs inside – so functionally screens are needed, but aesthetically not wanted.

  • Michelle Mena

    Hi! We are using Marvin for our house windows and doing the big sliders like yours. My only issue was their screen doors… they seems a bit flimsy. I love fresh air & Living in so cal, I have to be able to keep sliders open for a breeze. Are you skipping screen doors??

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