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Client Bu Round Two // Part 2

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

It’s PART TWO of Bu Round Two, y’all!! Man oh man, I can’t get over how many kind comments I’ve gotten from you all since Part One of our reveal earlier this week. This was a big, big project that we decided to split it into two. I won’t make you wait any longer or read any more up front…. so let’s just get to it!! I present to you….. Round Two!!

master bedroom and master sitting room

We are about to enter into one of my favorite master bedrooms of all time. It has the most incredible, tall ceilings, which can actually be quite difficult to work with when you want the bedroom to feel comfortable and not like you are sleeping in a chapel!  We cozied up the space by incorporating lots of warm earth toned colors, a mixture of textures, vintage pieces, and a crazy cool rug that grounded the entire space (PS. Similar rugs are at Shoppe!!). We went with our ‘Made by Shoppe’ Latigo Bed in Haze, which is about as chic and relaxed as it gets. You can also see that the bedroom is surrounded by the most insanely beautiful backyard garden, so we wanted to take advantage of the space next to the windows with a seating area. We used a Chautauqua Bench as a table so that when my clients needed to put there feet up on something soft… they could!

These lucky peeps had quite the fancy Master Bedroom Chill Room. I personally am not a fan of the TV in your bedroom, but don’t always win this debate with clients. Luckily this layout had a room before you entered the Master Bedroom that was PERFECT for TV watching, fireside cosy time, and also a bit of privacy from the little one!

Wall Paint Color // Custom Color in Roman Clay by Portola Paints

shop master bedroom and master sitting room

Latigo Bed


Ryder Coffee Table


Chautauqua Bench (Similar Style to Above)

from $2,695

Charcoal Ceramic Jug Table Lamp



White Oblong Jar


Sully 11 Blanket


Black Ribbed Jar


her and his master bathrooms

Creating ‘flow’ in a home is one of the most important things I strive to achieve as a designer. The ultimate goal is to be able to look at different rooms of a home and find the connection of how each room relates (even slightly) to another room. So, we of course applied this theory to ‘her’ and ‘his’ master bathrooms. Yep, you read that right. We’ve got two separate master bathrooms here, dudes!!

One of the repeated materials we used throughout the entire home was solid white oak. In the case of these bathrooms, we brought in the oak, but we used them in very different ways. In ‘her’ master bath, we custom designed reeded oak cabinetry, kept the same oak floors from a majority of the home, added a Calacatta marble bath and zellige tile shower, and went all out with unlacquered brass plumbing from Waterworks. This room was all about the simplicity of four simple materials. We wanted this bathroom to feel timeless by boasting a cool traditional vibe… without feeling stuffy and overdone.

Over in ‘his’ bath, we went a bit more modern vibe, but used the same less is more principal when choosing the materials. The vanity was a scaled up version of her reeded (or you can also call it slatted) custom oak cabinetry. By pairing it with a Petit Granite Limestone counter (the same material we used in parts of the kitchen) we achieved the overall masculine feel we were going for. Tie it all together with a fully claded shower in slabs of Calacatta marble and Waterworks unlacuqered brass fixures… this bathroom is equally as epic as ‘hers.’ If I had to pick a fave, I legit don’t think I could!!

Wall Paint Color // Custom Color in Roman Clay by Portola Paints

shop master bathrooms

White Oblong Jar


White Glazed Jar


Frama Hand Soap


Flax Line Towel


Natural Ribs Hand Towel


Natural Ribs Bath Towel


kids room

Let’s just start by saying that I would NOT mind being a kid again and live in this room right here. This was custom designed to be the ultimate bunk beds of all bunk beds — it needed to be cool, yet practical. It’s a tall and narrow room, so we decided a bunk bed would be the perfect design solution — and be super fun for the lucky kid who got to sleep here! Naturally, when it came to picking the materials, we went with white oak to keep with the flow of the rest of the home. We opted for slated wood pieces at one end of the bed so the bottom bunk could still get some natural light flowing in, without it feeling cavelike, which always tends to be a design flaw with bunk beds.

Wall Paint Color // Custom Color in Roman Clay by Portola Paints

shop kids room

Brenham Pouf


Simple Linen Quilt


guest room

This guest room is one cozy room with a sweet view and vacation-like bathroom, if I do say so myself. We outfitted the room with one of our classic ‘Made by Shoppe’ pieces, the Penny Bed in Walnut with our ‘Clay’ fabric on the headboard, and two Cove End Tables, which made their debut in this room right here! The bathroom is simple, yet luxurious. The mix of a clawfoot tub, oak floors, vintage mirror, Calacatta marble and Waterworks plumbing equals perfection to me.

Wall Paint Color // Custom Color in Roman Clay by Portola Paints

shop guest room

Penny Bed


Cove End Table


Vase by Colleen Hennessey


Brass Oval Tray


Kurlisuri Throw - Grey


Caria Bath Towel in Off White


wine cellar and hallways

When I found this long vintage table, I immediately knew it was going to be PERFECT for this hallway. It’s a long hallway that connects to the Master Rooms and I didn’t want this space to feel bare. Again, with the tall ceilings and wide hallways, we wanted it to feel collected and comfortable. And the wine cellar… what can I possibly even say to do it justice?? It’s just a super cool room! I may even take up cigar smokin’ and chill down there for the rest of time, cuz why not? Kidding… kind of.

Wall Paint Color // Custom Color in Roman Clay by Portola Paints

Wine Room Cabinetry Paint Color // ‘Green Gate’ by Dunn Edwards

And that’s a wrap, y’all. This project has been the biggest joy…. ever. I am so grateful to these incredible clients and my crazy hardworking team. This was a labor of love and finally putting it into the world is so beyond exciting. I hope you all enjoy it!!! More to come soon!!!


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