Ask AmberNov 26, 2018

DaFAQ: All Sorts Of

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Marisa Vitale
Welcome to my very first post in the DaFAQ series!

First things first, you must be asking yourself, what on earth is “DaFAQ”?? Well, here is a short version of a long story so bear with me as I attempt to explain. Do you remember the Youtube video of the news caster who inhales a bug and exclaims, in the best way ever, “Wha-Da-Fuq was Dat??”. If you do, we should definitely be friends. If you don’t, we should still be friends, but do yourself a favor and google it immediately. Literally, the way this guy flips out is not only epic, it makes me laugh my arse off every single time I watch it!! Fun Fact about me, the way to my heart is humor, and anything that makes me laugh that hard, and sticks in my head for this long, deserves to be paid homage to somehow in some way. SO, now that I have rambled on about a viral Youtube newscaster for a hot minute, lets cut to the chase shall we? The R-rated version of the term above “DaFAQ” is meant to be read as “What-Da-f*%k?”! The PG-rated version is simply “The Frequently Asked Questions”. This week, we’re diving into all the questions I’ve been asked about “All Sorts Of”. The who’s, the what’s, the where’s, the when’s and the why’s?! So without further ado, let’s jump right on in to all the sorts of things you guys want to know about “All Sorts Of”. If I left something out, please leave me a comment below and we will get back to you with some answers! xoxo Amber

DaFAQs on All Sorts Of //
What is All Sorts Of?

This baby is my brand new BLOG!! We’re out with the old and in with the new. Think of it as reinventing the old blog and still including the same great topics, but with waaaay more content and waaaay more in depth detail on all sorts of things. It’s going to be a bigger better version of anything I have been able to achieve alone in the past. Yes, that’s right, in order to make it bigger and better, I’ve expanded my team over here to help me create content. These incredibly cool ladies will be out in the world doing so much research to bring you the latest and greatest. The topics will range from not only all things interior design, but also look out for “City Guides,” Designer Spotlights, Meet the Makers, and maybe my fave category “Boss Files,” in which we will be interviewing other entrepreneurs!  So, for a big change you’ll be hearing from quite a few other people, much of whom are cooler than I could ever be. Of course I will be chiming in, and will have a dedicated  “Ask Amber” category.

What kind of topics will you cover?

There will be a huge focus on design. And I promise to you all (see, I even put it in writing) that we’ll be going back to the basics and cover literally, all the design-related things. We’ll be showing you more of the design process on our projects and all “Before and After” and project reveals will now live here. We’ll be addressing all your design and decor questions, help you source things to shop and touch on design tips and tricks that I’ve had up my sleeve!!

We’re also dipping our toe into uncharted waters a bit and expanding into a broader lifestyle category where we’ll be talking about entertaining, recipes, health, wellness, beauty, travel, city guides, shopping guides and community. Like I mentioned above, we have an interview series where we chat with our favorite entrepreneurs, designers and makers that inspire us and wow us on a daily basis.

So, YES, it’s a huge topic expansion. Y’all have been asking me about all of these things for years and years — and I’m finally giving in!! And I’m pretty freaking excited that it’s all happening.

Why is it called All Sorts Of?

Because we’ll be talking about “ALL SORTS OF” things. Yep, that’s quite literally how my brain works.

Why did you start a new site?

You guys know I’m a pretty open book, and try to always be real honest with you, so here goes… I have been given some pretty remarkable opportunities, and my interior design business has grown like crazy. When I first started my biz, I would trade my design time for the ability to use clients photos in my portfolio, and to help build my social media. As I have gotten to a level in my career, where some (not all) of my clientele are not always interested in the social media side of me, and aren’t too keen on my blasting their homes on social media. This just means, I have less frequent photoshoots and reveals of design projects. Not to mention, I take on tons of projects that will last months, if not years to build, so pumping out home tour after home tour is just not feasible anymore. Luckily, one of my other huge passions, aside from designing, and running our SHOPPE, is blogging and giving you guys a view into my world. I like to share tips and ideas, and I want to engage my people!! I have really always wanted to have a space where I can answer ALL your questions ALL the time, and with my focus on growth, I have struggled to do so. Until now, my resources were limited and there just were not enough hours in the day for little ‘ol me to do it all. So like I said, I’ve grown my team to help to get you all the answers to all the questions you’ve ever dreamed of — and starting this fresh new site was exactly how I wanted to do it!

Does the old blog still exist?

It sure don’t! This right here is it! My Amber Interiors website with all my design work will still be there, it will be more focused on my work, press, and for clients trying to work with us.

Can I submit topic suggestions for you to consider?

100% YES! Please comment below on anything you want me and my team to cover. We are all ears and open to suggestions.


  • Elizabeth Orgel

    ‘Love your design style! Perfect balance of modern-contemporary with a splash of ethnic & old. LMK if you ever come to Boston. :-)

  • Go Amber, cheers from Chicago!
    excited to see this new format bloom, love your aesthetic & design sense. if you ever want advice from an “older” woman entrepreneur, would love to share the ups & downs. I can say my life quote “leap & the net will appear” has served me very well. Congrats!

  • Heather Totten

    Soooo excited about this new site! I first came across your work about 8 months ago when I was looking for kitchen remodel ideas. The photos of your designs (along with with a cocktail) were a calming escape from the work day and pointed me in the direction of how I want my own home to feel. I still revisit your work and find new details that I love! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • So excited for this new venture of yours Amber! Tossing in on the “favorites” list for sure!

  • Kim

    Excited for this new chapter – CONGRATS – was a huge fan of your old blog! Will the posts from your previous blog be accessible somewhere?

    • All Sorts Of

      Thank you, Kim!! They won’t be available anymore, but we’ll be covering all the things here, so stay tuned. We welcome any suggestions on topics you want to hear about!!

  • You are the coolest person on the planet.

  • Diana

    Excited for this site!!! I’d love to know your recommended paint sheens for each room!

  • Sarah

    So thrilled about this. My suggestion is a section focus on fashion and styling ourselves, not just our homes. Thank you for all you do.

  • Sophie

    I’m thinking a column called “help a sister out” in which I could be your first feature and you can come to my living room and help a sister out ;)

  • fairlie O'Donnell

    Love, love, love your style.
    i would love a post on how to include different timbers in a space without it looking like a furniture showroom, all matchy matchy, but at the same ensuring they don’t clash???

  • Tania

    Your style is uh-mazing. Can you tell us a little bit more about where you source some of the beautiful vintage persian rugs I see in your shoots?

  • I’m an old lady blogger, getting into the game after raising kids, etc.. my 2.0 – ran my own retail stores for 13 years in the mid-west/from NY orig.
    Love your style, aesthetic and nuance in your work. Remodeling a place in Laguna Beach – would love to have you consult.:)
    Best to you with the new blog.. seriously you raise the orbit of all !

  • Alisa Stucky

    I came across your website via a Sonos email and Emily Henderson’s website and have been a big fan since! I was wondering if you’d share where to buy the bathroom shower tile (it’s a speckled beige) that is in “Client Black Houses are the Best Houses.” I am remodeling my guest bathroom and basement and want to put it in my guest shower.

  • Talisa Yung Dauskurdas

    I know this is an odd question, but what is your secret for preventing dining room chairs from scratching the beautiful floors of your clients’ homes? (besides rugs). Those felt pads don’t work for me–they always pop off. Would really appreciate the tip!!

  • Hello! Your white paint guide has been SO helpful. Any chance you want to do a kitchen cabinets paint guide? Specifically the blacks and greens you’ve used. Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work girl.

  • Sandra Nicholson

    Love your style! And your favorites lists. Can you tell us who makes the leather jacket your wearing in several of your photos?

  • big fan!
    looking for simple go-to guides for paint colors, countertops, wood flooring and possibly even hardware. lighting and furniture you’ve nailed down and love the shop!

  • Paula Connolly

    Love your work! I have enjoyed watching Spanish Glory come together, and I am obsessed with the kitchen in BU Round 2.
    I second Jamie’s request for paint color inspiration. I know you have discussed whites. I would like to hear about some dark grey/blue/black’ish interior colors…you did some dark interior spaces in the Canyon House I think. I would also love to hear about some good Greige colors…it’s so easy to get wrong, and when it’s wrong it’s very wrong.

  • Anne Gehrig

    Love your design style. Can you share the kitchen cabinet color in the project “client Tu[ac Meets Biggie To Decorate the Diggies”?

  • Mara

    I’m so freakin’ excited about this new site. What a brilliant concept! I think this will be very big! I am a just getting into the design world and trying to build my e-design business. Amber, you are my biggest inspiration. I absolutely love your style…and your personality. Thank you for allowing us to get to know you and giving us the opportunity to learn from the best!

  • Conlee Hunt

    Hello Amber, Happy New Year! I am a big fan of your work and would love some guidance when it comes to indoor plants. Maybe a full how-to-do?! If not..
    What are the tree varieties you find typically work best? Are there better areas to put indoor plants than others, style wise? Any suggestions or tips on this topic would be so appreciated!

    • All Sorts Of

      Hi Conlee! Thanks for following along. We recommend the following plants for indoor use: spider plants, rubber trees, cacti, and succulents. (They’re more adaptable to indoor lighting/temps.) We usually just try to place them by some sort of access to light. Hopefully this helps!

  • Grace

    Hi! I love your stuff!! I just moved into a Boston 3rd floor condo. It is very bright and airy and I am having the MOST difficult time picking out a ceiling fan for the bedroom. Do you have any advise?? Are white ceiling fans cheap/tacky looking? I really need some guidance, anything would help! Thanks!

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