DesignSep 5, 2019

How to Style a Bedroom Two Ways with Jake Arnold

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Michael Clifford
Los Angeles-based interior designer, Jake Arnold knows a thing or two about styling. We’re always asked about styling beds — How many layers do I need? How many pillows? How do you properly incorporate the layers? There are so many questions and the truth is, there can be a lot of answers. We’re all about avoiding too many hard and fast rules over here, because there are a lot of ways you can make a bedroom look real good. While you’ve seen several of Amber’s bedrooms from her projects, we decided to bring in our friend and Los Angeles-based interior designer, Jake Arnold to show us how he styles a bedroom in his own home — in two totally different styles. One is bright and light, the other is all mood. It’s as simple as swapping bedding and a few decor items — and voila. Scroll down to see Jake’s effortless look and shop the room.

And in case you missed it, head over to our home tour with Jake to see the rest of his gorgeous West Hollywood digs.

Treble Bed Cover II


Katar Wool Pillow


Essentials By Amber Lewis Candle - Moorea


Simple Linen Quilt

From $375

Speckled Ivory Lamp by Victoria Morris


Simple Cast Iron Bowl

From $25

Small Desert Sage Moon Vase



Found: The Rolling Stones


Ethan James Green: Young New York


Kantha Throw II


Isla Pillow


Kurlisuri Throw


Simple Linen Throw


Taylor Basket

From $175

Puna Llama Natural Throw


Vase by Colleen Hennessey


All Sorts Of Shoppe Condiment Bowls

Condiment Bowl


Slim Cylinder Vase


Noir Slim Cylinder Vase


Sally Man: A Thousand Crossings Book



  • Great Post!! Loved the simple linen quilt and Taylor basket…… Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Martin

    Do you have the Treble Bedcover II? I am looking for King sized..

    Will you be getting more of the Katar wool pillows in Olive or Natural? I would like to buy 2.

    Thank you,

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