DesignSep 7, 2019

Add to Cart: Dressers

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

You asked and you shall receive! It’s all about dressers today, because sometimes, you just need that extra storage. As always, we’ve picked our favorites of the moment, from vintage to 6-drawer to 3-drawer, that we think you’ll love. Scroll through and leave us a comment on what category our next Add To Cart should be!

Hayden Dresser


Lita Dresser


Vintage Pine Dresser


Oaken Six-Drawer Dresser


Hudson Storage Nightstand


Mikko Tall 6-Drawer Dresser


Chloe Dresser


Kira Dresser


Hudson Dresser


Odetta Nine-Drawer Dresser


Modernist Wood + Lacquer 6-Drawer Dresser


Modernist Wood 3-Drawer Dresser in Winter Wood


Linnea 6-Drawer Dresser


Marte Dresser


Shaw Dresser


Chloe Wide Dresser


Parallel Wood Low Dresser


Vintage Pine Dresser


Black Palms Dresser


Ria Dresser


Gentilly Dresser



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