Ask AmberDec 31, 2019

I Got 2020 Vision

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

Dudes… we did it! We finally made it to the last day of 2019. It’s been the longest and shortest year that I can ever remember having. It somehow felt both like an eternity, but also like I was in hyper speed and it all has come to an end in the blink of an eye. The amount of work and personal things that occurred this year is kinda blowing my mind. I like to do these wrap up posts as a way to remember all that has happened…and set goals for how to do different or better in the next 365 days. SO professionally, we wrapped up nearly 10 design projects (we only got to photograph some of them!!) all over the country.  We have started working on on a bunch of new projects (maybe 12? or so). And we will be wrapping up and photographing about 6 this year…. and not photographing probably another 4.

We wrote a BOOK. Thats right, Cat Chen (my marketing director) and I wrote a freakin book, with no clue how to write a freakin book. It was gnarly. It was sometimes painful, but ultimately it made me proud and the experience was humbling looking back at what the last 7 years of my work has looked like. It will be coming out Holiday time 2020, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Our Shoppe was voted one of the best homes stores in America by House Beautiful and landed the freaking COVER (!!!), We also announced that we are opening up a third Shoppe location in Newport Beach California in April 2020. Our stores have continued to grow each year, and this year was our best year yet!

We celebrated the one year anniversary of this blog right here, All Sorts Of. What started out as just a way for me to keep sharing projects and chat about inspiring people, things I love, and happenings in my world, has become quite a bit more. We have some pretty awesome goals and visions for much much more in the coming year.

You know that big licensing deal I keep hinting at? The one that I’m not supposed to say anything about??? Well that’s coming alive in August 2020 and I CAN’T WAIT!!! I will finally be able to announce it officially early 2020, but have been designing the pieces all year long. Hopefully you will love them all. Just because I like to flirt with rebellion a bit… here is a hint. Lets `just say it rhythms with Smash-Mo-Shmallogie, and its been killing the game for years!

As a team we traveled across the country for photoshoots, vintage shopping, biiiig meetings and more…. so much more.

On a personal note, we started construction on our home in 2018 and we’re FINALLY almost done!!! We have moved into TWO rental homes in that time, and our home life has been a little too nomadic for my liking. It has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done to build out own house, and I won’t be jumping on the opportunity to do it again anytime soon.

My baby sister got married, my baby G turned TEN, and we lost our beloved cat Steve. I swear, I have no idea how all these things happened this year, but I do know for sure that it was a whirlwind, and I am pretty stoked the new year is upon us!

Okay, now that we did a little reminiscing… let’s look forward to 2020, shall we? Two words….. BUCKLE UP!

2020 is looking like it’s going to be our biggest year yet!! I have a bunch of personal and professional goals I would like to accomplish. Instead of sharing them here, because that would be boring, I will share my gratitude with you all instead. It is our loving and supportive readers who have been our biggest inspiration to keep doing bigger and better. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for all your love and encouragement over the years. I am so beyond thankful for all of you and this little corner of the Internet. Here’s to great things in 2020!!!!!

XOXO Amber

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