InterviewsMay 30, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Victoria Morris

Written by Wesleigh Byrd
Photographed by Scott West

Los Angeles native Victoria Morris has been making pottery for over 25 years. In the course of her exploration and dedication to the craft, she’s found her niche making work that is both refined and minimalist, while allowing space for the subtle variations and imperfections inherent to handmade pottery. We’re so fortunate to carry her pieces in our Shoppes and will continue to watch her shine in her gifting.

Without further ado, the remarkable Victoria Morris!

a conversation with Victoria Morris…

Tell us about your journey! How did you become a ceramicist?

I took my first pottery class in high school and that was that – I was fully committed. I found throwing forms on the wheel to be both fun and satisfying. Back then making functional pottery was pretty uncool and had fallen out of style, so the thought of making a living doing it never occurred to me. As I was building a career in fashion and advertising (working in the art department as a stylist/production designer) I made sure I had a class or membership at a local studio in order to throw work, in my free time. After many, many years of practice, with the encouragement of a few friends, I started selling work. Slowly, over time my hobby evolved into a small side business, and then into a small business that keeps me busier than I’d have ever imagined – I dropped my first calling as a freelance Production Designer just after covid hit. Although I’ve worked really hard to get here, I still pinch myself and am grateful for all the support and opportunities I’ve been given along the way.


What inspires your designs on a daily basis?

I look to historical works for inspiration and then I end up blending the things that stand out to me (e.g. forms, texture, proportions) with my own aesthetic. I look through lots of books and Pinterest. I aim to make understated functional work for people to use everyday which are also elegant and special.


How did you turn your passion for art into a business and brand?

Honestly, I’ve never had a plan. I work really hard, put my heart into making beautiful objects, and say yes to opportunities that feel right for me. This thing has evolved really slowly over time. I’ve certainly put in my hours at this point. Still, despite a certain level of mastery, I know I have more to learn and experiment with – both in terms of the craft itself and with running a business. I’m a hard working tenacious person by nature and in hindsight I think that’s what landed me where I am today.


What does your day-to-day entail to support your company?

I wear a lot of hats! This operation consists of 4 primary people…me, my husband, and 2 very talented part time assistants who help me throw large orders. My day-to-day consists of answering emails, sending estimates, invoicing, accounting, unloading/ loading kilns, glazing, trimming work that the fellas have thrown and of course throwing work too. My partner Morgan carefully packs everything up for shipments, manages e-comm, and helps the studio run smoothly. We don’t get much time off…and as I’m writing this I realize I should probably have more help!


Do you have any daily rituals at home that bring you solace?

I try to get into nature at least a few times a week. We live close to beautiful trails, and if I can find time in the morning or evening I love getting out there. It really is grounding for me. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a glass of wine and a TV show weren’t a standard way for me to end a long work day.



Favorite place to visit to spark inspiration?



Colors or Neutrals?

I really like subtle faded colors.


One product that is always in your bag? (can be makeup, sunglasses, momento of some sort, etc.)


Hand cream. My hands take a real beating in the studio.


Favorite space in your home?

Bed. I wish I had a lot more time in it. Our garden is a close second.


It’s hard to choose one – but your current favorite item from your collection at Shoppe?


I really love the Pueblo vase that will be in the Shoppe Amber Interiors Fall drop! It’s a modern take on a classic form (stay tuned!).

shop Victoria Morris products…

West Vase


Orb Wide Mouth Vase


Speckled White Bottle Lamp


Laura Lamp Black Sand


Pieces from Victoria Morris’ Studio


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