Shopping GuidesFeb 6, 2020

Product Pick of the Week

Written by All Sorts Of

We’re all about new things over here… more times than we can count, the chatter in our office revolves around what someone’s wearing, buying, and loving. So why not share those recs with all of you!? Thus, meet our Product Pick of the Week Series — a new series where we’ll be sharing one thing you should add to cart that week and why. End up purchasing our weekly product? Let us know what you think in the comments!!

Sasawashi Room Shoes 

If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair of room shoes, you’re really missing out. The sturdier version of slippers are an essential part of every Japanese home, and for good reason. We really can’t think of anything better than getting from home each day and putting these puppies on. Trust us — when paired with fluffy socks, you might not ever put your regular shoes back on!


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