LifestyleJul 20, 2023

Amber’s Summer Favorites

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Shade Degges

Well Hello everyone. First off how is Summer half way over?? I have no clue, but there is no rest for the wicked and I have not stopped all season. We have been moovin n’ groovin. By way of update (since it’s been a minute) I have been traveling loads and quite literally jumping from place to place, photoshoot to photoshoot, and softball game to softball game with my precious Gwyneth Honora. Here is a snap shot of a bit of life lately mmmkay…

In the beginning of the month, I moved out of my new house for a week and Loloi moved in to shoot my brand new Fall 23’ rug collection. It’s really pretty guys!! My Shoppe Family has been creating incredible events that make me so proud, highlighting artisans and inviting people into experiences we are so supportive of. We have also just finished shooting Shoppe Fall 2023 last week and WOW it was gorgeous. If all goes according to plan, this line is going to blow you away. Shoutout to my photoshoot team for being not only the most talented- but also the most hilarious people to be tired, sore, ridiculously ridiculous, and hysterically hysterical with.

The AID team and I are busy designing some pretty cool projects, and I feel like there is rarely a time I’m not thinking about all the awesome things we will be bringing to life over the next couple months and years. We are leaning into more bold colors and patterns, and okaying even more attention to architectural details. My clients are the best and most trusting… and I appreciate when they allow us to do our thing so much and grow as a team creatively.

I have been relishing in my time at home lately. Being in the garden, cooking loads, and planning our upcoming family trip to Italy has been a welcome distraction and a much needed brain vacation!! Late nights of watching crappy TV shows, eating way too much popcorn with my new popcorn machine and trying to keep up with Gwyneth’s TikTok trends all while laughing our butts off. I’m living life with an open heart, an open mind and an exciting outlook for my future. I am learning more everyday about what it looks to like to accept all the things, love and support those around me, and allow them to do the same for me. Life can change in the snap of a finger and that has been reminding me to take an extra breath, make space for the things and the people I cherish the most and always be grateful for what the day holds.

Overall, I feel like life as of late has held a lot of significance and been a refreshing reminder to work hard and chill a bit harder. I want to keep making the most of these warmer days doing the things we wait to do all year- and I hope you will be able to do a lil bit of the same! Per usual, I’m linking some of my fave summer stuff below and wishing you the BEST rest of the season. Love y’all.

XX, Amber

Activated Mineral 
Sunscreen – SPF 33


Oliver James Linen Ring

$750 (15% off using code: amber2023)

Moreno Candle


Grande Fanny


Trucker Hat


Bordan Room Spray


Birkenstocks: Arizona Soft Slide Sandal


Palisades Beach Towel


Robin Piccone: Ava Plunge Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit


Braided Doormat


Brazil Logo Flip Flop


Outdoor Incense




Kelli Outdoor Chair


ALLSAINTS Jacqueline Paper Straw Tote


Classic Aged Planter


Frieda Linen Dress


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