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Boss Files: Audrey McLoghlin

Written by Kelsey Walker

Frank & Eileen was founded in 2009 by former engineer Audrey McLoghlin, with the intention to reinvent the button-up shirt for women. Inspired by Audrey’s Irish grandparents — the brand namesakes, Frank & Eileen — the brand slowly and intentionally grew to be globally recognized. What makes Frank & Eileen so special is their commitment to championing entrepreneurship for good; The brand is proud to be a certified women-owned, women-led, B corporation with long-standing commitments to ethical and sustainable business and production practices that prioritize people and the planet.

Today on All Sorts Of, we’re sitting down with founder and CEO of Frank & Eileen, Audrey McLoghlin. Audrey was born in Toronto, but grew up all over the US. However, she has dedicated her career to honoring her Irish roots, proudly crafting pieces using the finest raw materials found in nature since day one. Follow along as Audrey shares all about her experience building Frank & Eileen from the ground up.

Without further ado, Audrey McLoghlin of Frank and Eileen

a conversation with Audrey McLoghlin…

Let’s start from the beginning! Tell us a little about the journey that led you to where you are now.

My journey originates all the way back in Ireland. For generations, my family was born and raised in Ireland. Just before I was born, my parents left for the United States with the hopes of creating the American Dream for their children. I pay this incredible gift forward by building a company that creates jobs and leadership roles, most especially for deserving women. We also use entrepreneurship as a force for good, investing in the next generation of women leaders by creating endowments that provide fellowships, scholarships, and educational support to young women at the top entrepreneurial educational programs across the country.


What inspires you? What factors have played roles in the development of Frank & Eileen?

What inspires me is discovering people and interesting things as I travel all over the world. What inspired the creation of Frank & Eileen? In early 2008, I was in a factory in Los Angeles working on a tissue-weight cashmere program for my four multi-brand retail stores, named after my mother. I was left in a conference room for too long and I started looking around and pulling books off the shelves. I fell madly in love with a tiny book of menswear Italian fabrics. I then asked if I could borrow the book and went back to my factory and called the Italian mill. Much to my surprise, they sent someone to meet with me in Los Angeles and I let them know that I wanted to reinvent the button-up shirt for women – using traditional menswear Italian fabrics. I then sat in my office all night working on names and logos for the brand — ultimately deciding to name it in honor of my grandparent’s love story — Frank and Eileen McLoghlin, married in County Wicklow Ireland in 1947.


Frank & Eileen is a business dedicated to using entrepreneurship for good. Could you elaborate a bit more on this philosophy?

It starts with what I believe in:

    • I believe entrepreneurship is the most powerful driver of change for women.
    • I believe the next generation needs more women entrepreneurs.
    • I believe this single change will change the world.

Our Frank & Eileen Giving Pledge of $10 million over ten years will hopefully create a ripple effect that can ultimately compound over the next generation.


What can you share about the relationship between slow fashion and sustainability?

Since founding the company after my serendipitous fabric book discovery, I launched Frank & Eileen using the finest raw materials found in nature. The company was built on the foundation of slow-fashion, ultimately leading us to receiving the highest impact score from B CORP for any woman-owned apparel brand in the US. I compare fast-fashion to fast-food — decades ago we used to think fast food was food, but we have since learned better. That is how I feel about fast fashion. True luxury is knowing that the greatest care was taken from seed to finish, with the smallest impact on the planet possible — that’s what slow, sustainable fashion is all about.


The origin of Frank & Eileen is rooted in your creation of the button-up for women —a clothing category previously focused solely on men. As a women-owned and women-led brand, how would you say that your origin story continues to shape your business or industry as a whole?

We set out a decade-and-a-half ago to reinvent the button-up shirt for women using traditional menswear Italian fabrics. Once gaining trust in the market, we continued reinventing timeless styles with a familiar-but-fresh interpretation, such as reinventing my favorite English peacoat using our signature 100% cotton triple fleece. Plus, we also created the Belfast and Mini-Belfast that are machine washable… you’re welcome :)


What advice would you give other women leaders in the business world?

3 words of advice for other women entrepreneurs and leaders: DON’T GIVE UP. If it was easy, everyone would be able to do it. Its hard for everyone, not just you. You need to be over-indexed in resilience, make it your superpower, and keep going, and going, and going.


What are you most proud of in regards to building your career, family, and/or lifestyle?

I think I am most proud that I have survived and thrived thus far. The greatest compliment I have ever received was when my lawyer called and said “I always thought you were a cat because you have 9 lives. But now I realize you are not a cat, you are a cockroach, and nothing but nuclear devastation can kill you!”

I am proud that I absolutely love my work, my daughter, and my life. I am proud that I am setting an example for her — helping her learn at a young age how she can be the change she wants to see in the world.



Do you have any everyday styling tips and tricks you could share with us?

Oh yes, my whole life is a series of hacks to save time! Keep it simple and create a uniform that is personal and pulled together. Right now, my go-to uniform is a Northern Ireland Jumpsuit in white with a chic Monterey Sweater over my shoulders or a Malibu Travel Set in white — I just switch up my shoes and accessories. Such a time saver for getting out the door to work and for packing efficiently for travel!


What’s next for Frank & Eileen? How do you hope to see the impact of your work take form?

2024 is our 15 year anniversary, so I am spending the year reflecting on who we have been for the first 15 years and who we want to be for the next 15 years. I think we are just getting started being able to see the impact of championing entrepreneurial leadership in women and supporting the next generation of women leaders. I hope to see the impact of our work take form by seeing more and more young women becoming entrepreneurs, changing the world for themselves, their family, and future generations to come. Stay tuned on Giving Tuesday coming up in November for a big 15-year anniversary announcement.

rapid fire with Audrey…

Favorite place to visit to spark inspiration?

To spark inspiration? I get constant inspiration traveling around the world, walking around, and watching interesting women in their daily lives. I love to take inspiration and ideas from it along the way. And my favorite place to visit just for fun? Ireland, of course!


Favorite space in your home?

The dollhouse I had built for my daughter to make up for the fact that we don’t have a yard for her to play in. Its like a mini-house for her inside my house. It’s the greatest thing I have ever designed and built.


Patterns or solids?

Solids and Italian fancies.


Best advise you’ve ever recieved?

It takes five — no, ten years — to become an overnight success.


Current favorite fabric or textile?


Our brand new pure Italian cotton developed in Italy for our 1st-ever sweater, the Monterey. It is 100% cotton, gorgeously soft, doesn’t pill, and is machine washable, of course!

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