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Amber Lewis x Four Hands: Behind the Design

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Shade Degges Photography

Amber’s collection with Four Hands Furniture is here, and if you can’t tell, we’re obsessed! Today, we’re diving a bit deeper into the inspiration and design process behind bringing this all-new collection to life. Read on to learn a bit more and enjoy a short Q&A wit Amber and Adam Dunn, Four Hands’ VP of Design.



What is the inspiration behind the collection?

AMBER: Classic design – think Italian 1950’s, old Spanish heavy wood pieces, and traditional yet soft lines. We strove to create pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation that defy trends.

ADAM: I love to mix different eras and styles together, good design is good design and it doesn’t have to be radically new to feel fresh. For this collection, I looked at old design language and turned it into new ideas, constantly iterating and improving on past designs.


What’s new and exciting for each of you about this collection?

AMBER: Patina! While I’m no stranger to patina, this collection showcases it in a particularly unique way. We’re also using a lot of different materials and finishes like striped fabrics that give a trend-proof, forever cool vibe.

ADAM: We know collabs are big in the marketplace, but Four Hands has done such a great job building a brand identity that’s unique, so we’d never done a collab before. We knew if we did, that it had to be something that would add to the brand and with Amber it just made sense, a good marriage and great synergy.


Tell us about some of your favorite pieces from the collection.

AMBER: You really can’t go wrong with any of the lounge or dining chairs, especially the Brently Collection, which really epitomizes a new take on timeless design.

ADAM: The Ayla Dining Table is a favorite. It’s made from solid pine which will age nicely and only look better as time passes. It also pairs well with almost any dining chair, ensuring a universal appeal and longevity.







As a long-time friend and fan of Four Hands, Amber’s decision to design an exclusive collection with the brand was an easy one to make. She knew she wanted to partner with a company that shared her interest in creating unique designs with beautiful details, was focused on quality craftsmanship, and that would collaborate on the vision to bring these timeless designs to life. Scandinavian, Italian, Old Spanish, and additional styles are weaved throughout these vintage-inspired designs, to create pieces that allow living spaces to feel and become a curated collection.






There is so much hard work and effort that went into dreaming up and creating a collection like this. Amber spent many hours designing and redesigning, selecting the perfect materials and fabrics, and making sure that every last inch – down to the tone and feel of the hardware – was perfect. Amber and the Four Hands team have traveled near and far to make all of these amazing furniture pieces a reality. From the Four Hands HQ in Austin, to production facilities in Mexico and Vietnam, the teams worked collaboratively to bring all the best ideas to life.






Amber’s creative vision and Four Hands dedication to high-quality craftsmanship, set the scene for a seamless and dynamic collaboration. The Amber Lewis x Four Hands collection features more than 100 products across dining, upholstery, outdoor, décor, and additional categories. Each piece exudes practical comfort with an emphasis on attainable luxury, taking inspiration from several design eras, traditions, and materials. 

You can shop the new collection of Four Hands over at Shoppe Amber Interiors now. There’s something in this collection for everyone and we can’t wait to see the pieces in your homes.  x

Brently Lounge Chair


Bari Bar Cabinet


Senna Banquette


Wyndham Bed


Dumont Bookcase


Franny Nightstand


Geoffrey Dresser


Charnes Console Table


Charnes End Table


Hathaway Coffee Table


Declan Wall Mirror


Atrani Vessel


Amira Accent Chair


Grayfox Art Easel


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