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Take a Seat With Dr. Guanche

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Microneedling is all the buzz these days — pick up any magazine or head to your favorite blog and odds are that you’ll hear every last good thing about it. All for good reason, as it’s a small procedure with big impact. And because a lot of you have recently asked us questions about it, we thought we’d go straight to the source to sit down with skincare legend Anna Guanche.

A few weeks ago, Amber visited Dr. Guanche for the first time — and fell in love with her non-invasive practice. Since then, we’ve been following along with everything she’s doing in the skincare world, and we were lucky enough to get her to share some of her favorite advice when it comes to microneedling and beyond. Take it away, Dr. Guanche!

a conversation with dr. guanche…

Microneedling is all the buzz right now. What is microneedling and what are the benefits?

Microneedling is a procedure where tiny punctures are made in the skin by sterile, fine needles. This process stimulates collagen production and thereby remodels the skin so that it looks smoother and more clear.


Specifically, what is Bella MicroGold and how does it differ from other microneedling experiences?

Bella Microgold is revolutionary in that it is shallow microneedling that introduces active ingredients into the skin and thereby not only stimulates collagen, but reduces pore size, more effectively smooths and hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines.


Is microneedling a ‘one and done’ treatment or a continuous treatment? 

The results from Bella Microgold last three months or so… and patients are always eager to come in for their follow-up treatment! Generally, microneedling (just the needles — not the product) is a series of 4-6 treatments with maintenance after that every quarter. 


How do you care for your skin after microneedling? What’s the healing process and recovery time like? 

After a Bella Microgold microneedling treatment, we always ask our patients to leave the products on their skin for two hours, after which you can resume your usual skincare regimen. It’s always super important to avoid sun exposure without sunscreen for at least a week! 


What are some of your favorite facial products right now? 

I love iS Clinical Youth Creme, Restorsea Serum, Alastin Neck Products, Elta MD Suscreens, and I’m really loving the ZO Oil Control Pads for a mini-peel every day. 


Tell us about your new book, ‘Seven Days to Sexy!’ What inspired you to write it and what do you want your readers to take away from it? 

I was writing an article with the same title for the Calabasas Style Magazine, and as I was writing it, I realized there was so much content under this topic. It’s a beauty of a book that’s designed for people who want to pull out all of the stops and look their absolute best in seven days. It’s a guide for a wedding, reunion, date, or just for your every day. It also incorporates advice for longer term changes in seven weeks and seven months. The mind body connection in self image and the confidence that stems from that is a big part of what I practice and share with others.


What is your advice to someone struggling with their skin? Where do they begin? 

See your dermatologist!!! A lot of times people have a skin condition that they do not know about and are using products that are not optimal for their skin. Going to your dermatologist is the first step in developing a regime that’s specific and purposeful for you.


Any additional skin advice you want to give? 

Sleep consistently (and on your back!), wash all of your makeup off every night, wear sunscreen, moisturize, breathe, and meditate. Use lash serums. And most importantly — smile often.

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