Before, During, AfterNov 10, 2020

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 2

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac

Well, hey there friends!!

I’m back again to share more of #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind with you…didja miss me?? I thought so…it’s been a whole week since my last visit here, but what a week it has been. The good news is that I’m here to give you all a little distraction with part 2 of this house of ours: the kitchen and dining room! In case you missed it last week, make sure to check out Part 1 Entryway and Living Room reveal, because it’s ALL connected in what I like to call the great room so you’ll wanna see that for a little visual context!

Ok, so, here it goes, and if you wanna see more of the process head over to Progress Tour 1, Progress Tour 2, and Progress Tour 3!

xoxo Amber


Let’s get down to it!! For someone who doesn’t cook…my kitchen really says otherwise, HA! But really…she’s a stunner, and I love every inch of it! So, let’s start with the ground up. I decided to continue the beautiful white oak flooring from DuChateau into the kitchen, and throughout the entire house really. The only places where we don’t have hardwood are in the entry and bathrooms, otherwise to keep things simple I stuck to one flooring finish in the main areas. While the kitchen is connected to the living room, to give it some separation we created a cut out and added more of these textured reclaimed white oak beams from Ross Alan Reclaimed. Are you sensing a theme here? A handful of materials…used in different ways throughout the house for a whole lotta cohesion within the same space. Whether you’re designing a home from the ground up, or decorating your first apartment, one thing I always ask myself is does this feel like it’s part of the same house? Using the same materials throughout really adds a sense of calm to everything and makes each room feel connected.

Ok, back to the kitchen! The countertops are all Calcutta marble from Modul Marble, and I decided to make the backsplash repeat on the stove hood using Cle Tile’s Weathered White Zellige, and took the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. It was a controversial decision when it happened but I love the way it turned out and think it’s so unique!! We also added this pretty narrow marble shelf above the stovetop which is a favorite detail…I usually keep my salt grinder up there for easy access (when Mike is cooking!).

All of the built in cabinets are custom and painted ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints, just in a different finish than the rest of the house (Satin Enamel), because you know I love a greigey beigey kitchen moment. The big hutch is such a great combo of form and function. I designed it to have both open and closed storage; there are bottom cabinets that open out, drawers, and my favorite part, uppers with sliding reeded glass doors. With the reeded glass, you can kinda see what’s goin on behind them, but not enough that everything has to be perfectly styled all the time because let’s be honest, a home isn’t just something to look at!! When I DO wanna get my styling on, I can open the doors from either side and zhush away–they stack and open from each side.

Moving on…I knew I wanted to make a statement in the kitchen, and this custom Living Island by Matthew Cox was it for me. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. We put in some extra drawers and made a few modifications to it, and added a marble top and sink, and it became the centerpiece of the kitchen. I know you guys are gonna ask about how we have a marble sink…and the answer is that 1) we have a dishwasher and 2) I keep this sink grate in for daily use to help protect it and keep plates etc. from leaving water rings or anything. The brass faucet is from Waterworks and has the most beautiful lines; it’s a pull down so it makes it easy to rinse the sink and the patina with the unfinished brass gets better and better everyday. Speaking of brass, I finally fulfilled my dreams for the kitchen with the LaCanache stove and man is she everything I hoped she’d be! Gwynnie’s mac n’ cheese 100% tastes better when we make it on this stove…HA!

Now, you may be wondering where all our less pretty appliances are. First, all of the large appliances like our fridge and dishwasher are integrated with panel doors. Second, our smaller appliances are hidden in the two tall cabinets with pull out drawers. On the left side we have our microwave and toaster, and on the right our coffee station. The electrical outlets are also hidden in there, but we do have some on the underside of the island for things like blenders, etc. To keep the insides of our cabinets and drawers nice and tidy, we used baskets and drawer organizers from The Container Store because lord knows I’m a neat freak!! When we moved we were super lucky to have Life in Jeneral help us out and organize everything and I’ve been really diligent about making sure everything stays exactly where Jen said it should go!

Ok…that about does it for the kitchen! Let’s move on into the dining nook.

Cabinet color // ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell, and Trim Color is ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell
Ceiling Beams // Ross Alan Reclaimed white oak lumbar
Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Tile // Cle Tile 
Wall Sconces // Morrison Picture Light
Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Stove // LaCanache
shop kitchen

Round Bowl Matte White


Dinner Plate Matte White


Salad Plate Matte White


Brown Stripe Napkin Set


Condiment Plate


Vermont Pitcher


Gingham Blue/Cognac Trim Napkin


Morrison Picture Light


Olive Green Architectural Bowl


Stash Pot


Seagrass Large Cage Salad Bowl


Seagrass Caged Highball


Jayme Mugs


Water Hyacinth Bin Natural

From $7.99

Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Canisters with Acacia Lids

from $14.99

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG


iDesign Clear Linus Deep Stackable Plastic Bin


Bobbi Rug


Ceramic Butter Dish


De JONG & Co. Column Walnut Mill


dining nook

Let’s move onto the dining nook, where obviously the stand out piece is the custom wicker banquette. You may recall we did something similar back in the breakfast nook of Client Bu Round Two, and I loved it so much I decided to do a take on it in my home. I designed the bench to look like a church pew which gives the lines such great curvature and makes it feel really unique. I had a custom cushion made for the seat with a simple french seam and minimal tufting, and added pillows from Shoppe so it’s cozy and comfortable.

I wanted this area to feel really light and bright so we added three narrow casement windows from Marvin that frame the space beautifully. You can also see the edge of the vaulted ceiling and a little bit more of that T&G from WindsorOne. The walls are painted ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish which has a subtle texture to it when you see it in person.

You know I can’t resist a little brass…and these sconces from Gallery L7 have gorgeous patina with a shell shape that has such a pretty curvature. The wicker chairs are vintage Charlotte Perriand (and are available!) and the table is the X Base with a custom round edge top. I went with a minimal piece of art by Kirill Bergart and otherwise kept everything simple and minimal. Now that we’re working from home, I spend a lot of time in this little nook every day and it makes me so happy.

Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Ceiling // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Paint // Walls are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, Windows and trim are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish, Ceiling is ‘Table Linen’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish 
shop dining

X Base Dining Table


Set of Vintage Charlotte Perriand Dining Chairs


La Riccia Gourd Decanter Recycled Glass


Magdalena Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4


Well, that about sums up the kitchen and dining nook of #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind. Stay tuned next week for more of the tour!


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