Before, During, AfterFeb 25, 2020

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // A Progress Tour, Pt. 2

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Amber Lewis

Alright folks.. if you’ve been following along for a while, you might think I’m crazy for saying this… but we are ACTUALLY moving into this house!! I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited and relieved I am, so I am quite literally counting down the days until we are officially moved in. I recently posted another IGTV tour of the house, and you guys shared so much love for it, so I wanted to take a few to make sure you have all of the deets. Scroll down to see updated progress pics, and don’t forget to press play on the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Psssst. If you missed Part 1 of the progress tour, take a peek here!

What’s your fave part of the house so far!? Share with us in the comments!

IGTV Video Tour ↓

Ross Alan Reclaimed beams on the ceiling // Wall color is ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in the Eggshell finish and Trim color is ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in the Eggshell finish

Waterworks Empire Bathtub // Wall Color in ‘Table Linen’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish // Ross Alan Reclaimed beams on the ceiling

Ross Alan Reclaimed beams on the ceiling // Custom Living Island from Matthew Cox

Horizon Stone 19th Century series exterior stone in the color ‘Hermitage’ // Landscaping by GSLA Studio

White Oak Floors in the Varacio Collection in Tonale from Duchateau // Wall Color is ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish and Ceiling Color is ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish

Shoppe Amber Interiors Darya Swan Neck Wall Lights // Horizon Stone 19th Century series exterior stone in the color ‘Hermitage’ // Windows by Marvin

Windows by Marvin // Ross Alan Reclaimed beams on the ceiling

Fireclay Tile ready to go in the pool!


  • Kim Loftis

    Source for entry sconces?

  • Joan

    It’s all just overwhelmingly (is that a word?) STUNNING!
    When you list the paint colour and then say “Roman clay finish) what does that mean? It’s hard to tell by the picture if the walls have a finish/texture(?)

    • All Sorts Of

      Hey Joan! Thanks so much for following along. The Roman Clay finish is an eco-friendly plaster finish from Portola Paints. It’s ideal for smooth interior walls, and we just love how it makes a room look. You can find more info about it here:

      • Lauren

        Cannot wait to see your home finished and all the furniture and decor that you choose! It’s already beautiful but I know it will only get better. Could you tell me the brand of interior doorknobs that you used? I noticed them in the latest IGTV tour and wanted to know who makes them. Thank you!

  • Kelly Gates

    Hi, what is the type of tile you have on the kitchen walls? Also, what is the tile on the master bath floor and is the wood floors the same throughout the house?
    It is stunning…all of it!!
    Blessings Kelly

    • All Sorts Of

      Hi Kelly! Thanks for reaching out. The tile used in the kitchen is from Cle Tile, the stone on the floor is from Exquisite Surfaces, and the wood flooring is white oak flooring from Duchateau. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Kristy

    Love it all! What color paint is on the kitchen cabinets?

  • Sara Tady

    jaw dropping. Question: Is the trim the same color throughout the house? TIA!!

    • All Sorts Of

      Hey! The whole house (walls, trim, etc.) is a combo of Figueroa, Table Linen, and Piano Room by Portola Paints!

  • Amy wilson

    I’ve probably watched, looked, dreamed and drooled over your house more times than I can count. It’s so inspiring to witness you creating your home step by step. I can’t wait to gasp again when I see it furnished. Congratulations, you are a true talent!! I was hoping to learn where the lights in the hallway can be sourced? I’ve seen you use them in other projects and have always wanted to know as they are on my wish list.

  • Chris

    Love, love, love everything… especially the herringbone patterned “brick” in the first posted photo (after the video). Will you share the source and the color(s)? Thank you for your inspirational work. Wishing you a million years of happiness in this glorious house!

  • Sarah

    Hi there! Obsessed with your gorgeous home! Can you pretty please share the paint color of cabinets? Thank you!

    • All Sorts Of

      Hey Sarah! The kitchen cabinets are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints!

      • Becky

        Just wondering if the cabinet color and the wall color are the same in the kitchen area- is it the sheen that makes them look so different?

  • Natalie

    Your island is, and always will be, the ultimate.

  • Karen

    Following along has brought me so much joy! I love the baseboard color which then brought my eye to the lack of molding surrounding doorways and I absolutely love that look! Kitchen island is fantastic. Can’t wait to see that kitchen styled.

  • Alicia Kilfoil

    You have a knack for creating such peaceful and pretty places! I have been looking for picture lights! Where did you find the wall lights in your kitchen? Thank you for sharing many of your sources. You are inspiring in many ways!

  • lucy

    hi, I am interested in seeing the floorplan for your house, if you could show it please?

  • Love love love the bathroom wall tiles!! Are these also from cle tile? If so what style / color? So stunning!!

  • Chandlar

    Hi Amber! Congrats on the new home! It is jaw dropping!! I’ve been trying to get my hands on the lights in your hallway.. can you share the source? TIA!

  • kathleen

    Hi Amber, Your house is . truly inspiring. I have had 2 questions along the way and if I missed you answering this I apologize. First, will you be putting any pendants above the kitchen island? I love how it looks without anything but if not I can’t see where the light sources are coming from unless its just not visible from photos. Second, are you not putting any glass doors on your showers? Again, I love how that looks but does water not spray out into the other part of bathroom? Also, thank you so much for sharing your home.

  • Suruchi

    This house is a beauty…😍. Love all the finishes. Could you share the sources for the light fittings ..especially the entry sconces..they are absolutely gorgeous!!

  • I absolutely love your content, I have been following for a while now really enjoy your wholesome content.

  • Bri Rutledge

    Hi Amber!

    I have been following along with your home every step of the way and am OBSESSED with every detail. I was curious if you could share the source of the brick in the entryway and whether it is a thin brick?

    Thank you so much and enjoy the move in process! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Kristen Dibella

    Love these hall pendants are you going to give the source?

  • Danielle G

    Hi Amber what color are the cabinets in the kitchen? I can’t tel if they are piano room like the trim or Figueroa either way they are beautiful!

  • Nancy Wilson

    Hi Amber, the house is truly lovely and serene. Thank you so much for sharing and giving everyone all the scoop. A question about the windows – are they black on the outside and white on the inside?

  • Jill

    Just stunning!!!!!! Can you share the source for master vanity knobs!? Just love 😘

  • Ester P

    In love with your new home! Everything flows seamlessly!
    I’ve always been a big fan of the zellige tile and was wondering if you used the same color throughout the rooms or if you used different colors and if so can you share the colors you used? Much appreciated! Love! E

  • Anaya Gruber

    I am in love with your bathroom floor stone tile and I see its from Exquisite Surfaces but would you mind telling what style or color? Thank you!

  • Jessica

    Hi There!! Where did you get the tile for the master bathroom? As well as the guest shower? I have tried to find something similar and am having no luck so that I would reach out :) This home is just truly stunning.
    Thank you so much!

    • Jessica

      Sorry just adding to my above questions!
      – Bathroom floor tile for the Master?
      -Shower floor tile for the guest shower?

  • Mackenzie

    Love, love, love your remodel! I’m wondering what kind of siding your used (besides stone). Thank you!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful home. Would you be willing to share the source of your kitchen knobs?
    Many thanks

  • paul

    What is the exterior paint color? Also what color is the corrugated roof? Is that a silver or light gray?

  • Kelsea

    Forever feel inspired by your work!!! What type of gravel did you do for your driveway? Has it been messy or do you love it?!

  • Shay Oishi

    Hi, can you share grey cobble stone information?
    Thank you

  • Lisa Nolan

    Obsessed with these cabinets! Can you recommend a Benjamin Moore color that would be close to figeurola in Portola paints?

    • All Sorts Of

      Hi Lisa! We’d recommend bringing a sample of Portola Paints color to a Benjamin Moore dealer to paint match! xo

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