Before, During, AfterJan 25, 2021

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 6

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac

I’ve spent the last few posts talking all things interior and taking you through every nook and cranny of our home, but now it’s time to give some proper and undivided attention to the exterior of our home. We’ll start from the front, then head to the back, and talk about every detail along the way. Our home is situated on nearly one acre of land, and we wanted every inch of the property to feel like our own little oasis in the hustle of LA, surrounded with trees and privacy. My vision was to transport us somewhere in between the Belgian countryside and the California coast. I’ve always been inspired by old European architecture, the cliffs along the California coastline, and all the colors in nature that I feel deeply and love so much. I certainly feel like that’s where we live now, and I am not complaining one bit. Our outdoor spaces have become such a blessing to my little family over the last few months hunkering down at home, and I’m excited to finally show you guys a little more. I can’t wait for the day when I can throw a massive pool party and BBQ hang for all my friends and fam, but until then… I’ll share some pretty pics of it instead :)

If you’ve missed any part of our mini reveals, take a look at our previous tours and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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xoxo Amber

front yard

As soon as I enter our front yard, I get an instant feeling of zen. Let me paint you a picture: you can hear the trickling sounds from the fountain and the breeze rustling through the old olive trees, and you can smell hints of citrus from the orange tree and jasmine from the vines growing on the stone. The sound of walking on the Pea Gravel make me feel like I’m on a ranch, and that’s a feeling I love more than anything. 

One of the first design decisions I chose for the exterior was picking stone. I quickly settled on beautiful stone from Horizon Stone and their 19th Century Series in the color ‘Hermitage.’ I knew I wanted to incorporate a whole lotta stone in some way, and I ultimately decided to mix in some vertical plank siding as well, to add a bit of a modern vibe, but still feel overall traditional and timeless. I worked with my amazing mason to create a custom color grout that felt bright, but also blended perfectly with the lighter stone. When it came to the color on that vertical, well I vacillated for a split second about which color I wanted to go. I always wanted it to be black, but we live in a place that gets HOT in the summer, and I was worried about our selection being just that… HOT in the summer. I am here to report… it is the perfect color for us, and we didn’t notice any difference in the summertime heat.. I am soooo glad I stuck with my first instincts. You know I love a mood, and this was 100% the right call for our space. 

I worked with Ryan from GSLA Studio for our landscaping, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We already had some beautiful, mature trees, but we added a whole lot more throughout the entire property that made the exterior feel complete. She is the best if you live in LA and need a landscape architect BTW!

I can’t forget to to mention our reclaimed barn wood garage doors from Crown Garage Doors that gave a little bit of the rustic feel I wanted to achieve. Add in some of my favorite Swan Neck Exterior Wall Lights, and voila!

Stone // Horizon Stone 19th Century Hermitage with Custom Grout
Siding // Hardie Panel Vertical Siding 
Landscaping // GSLA Studio
Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Outdoor Sconces // Darya Swan Neck Wall Light from Shoppe Amber Interiors
Driveway // Chip seal with Pea Gravel
Roof // Berridge “Dark Bronze” Corrugated Metal 
Planters and Fountain // Vintage
Garage Doors // Crown Garage Doors

backyard and pool

Our backyard was designed with the ultimate goal of hanging and chillin’ with our fam, real hard. And of course, have lots of grass for my kiddo and animals to run wild and free. California living means we can pretty much sit outside 365 days a year, so I made sure to create spaces for us to enjoy all sorts of moments throughout the year, whether it’s for BBQing with friends, loungin’ in the pool, or sipping hot toddies by the fireplace. I hired Brian from PCH Construction who worked with me to make all the hardscape, pergola, outdoor kitchen, and front driveway a reality!

I carried the same stone from the exterior of the main home to the outdoor fireplace, and built a big ‘ole pergola with reclaimed wood and vintage pendants. Like I mentioned before, our property is framed with the most beautiful oak trees, so I wanted to keep the entire backyard earthy and tonal to feel like we’re removed from the city.

Last, but certainly not least, our pool is one our favorite places in our entire home, especially Gwynnie! And I don’t blame her one bit! Like I mentioned above, the summers get real hot in LA and she has definitely found her happy place. I lined the entire pool with Fireclay Tile in ‘Magnetite’, which gives the pool an elevated look and feel. I admittedly spent a lot of the summer right in there with G, too. How can you blame me?!

Pool Tile // Fireclay in Magnetite
Stone // Horizon Stone 19th Century Hermitage with Custom Grout
Siding // Hardie Panel Vertical Siding 
Landscaping // GSLA Studio 
Exterior Hardscape and Outdoor Kitchen // PCH Construction
Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Outdoor Sconces // Darya Swan Neck Wall Light from Shoppe Amber Interiors
Pergola // Reclaimed Wood
Floaties // Oliver James (use code Amber2020 for 10% off!)
Pendants // Vintage
shop the look

Darya Swan Neck Wall Light


Jonty Outdoor Dining Chair


Mantell Outdoor Chair


Kelan Outdoor Chair


Wood Market Umbrella


Levy Outdoor Dining Table


Lazo Outdoor Pillow Granite


Lazo Outdoor Pillow Papyrus


Lazo Outdoor Pillow Snow


Lazo Outdoor Pillow Granite


And that’s all for now! I have a few more posts from our home coming soon…but in the meantime, leave a comment below and let me know what you think! xoxox Amber


  • I love your terracotta pots, brass wall lights and landscaping! I’m obsessed with all of your interiors.

  • Lynne Baron

    Everything about your home is amazing!!!
    We are building a new home in Washington state, and live part time in Palm Desert. Your home is such an inspiration!!!

  • Jana

    That outdoor kitchen is just phenomenal! So, so pretty!

  • Cythia Vickar

    Your house is amazing and such an inspiration! This may be a weird question but when you say you lined the entire pool with the fire clay tile do you mean ENTIRE walls and bottom? Or lined the surround that you see in photos? In the next few weeks I will be getting ready to make selections for our pool and I’m a bit overwhelmed.

  • KP Larson

    I love how the neutral countertop looks with the stone and surrounding furniture and landscape. Can you share what kind of counter this is? Thank you !

  • Susan

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love it all. We are updating our backyard and you gave me such inspiration. Thank you.

  • Caitlin

    You pool looks awesome!! Can you share the type and color of your pool finish? Love the water color. Thank you!

  • Barbara Pruett

    Can you tell me where to get the wicker chairs from outdoor dining table??

  • Emily Hemmings

    Hi! Thank you for sharing the details of your beautiful exterior! I’m very interested in the vertical Hardie Panel. Could you please share if you all used Sierra 8 as your Hardie Panel? Or was it another panel product? Thank you!

  • Erika

    Like everything you do—absolute perfection! It’s amazing how you are able to use the perfect colors and textures to produce such a beautiful feeling in every one of your spaces!

    I’d love to know what you used for the coping around the pool and the patio flooring. I love the clean look. It looks like cement, but is that what you used? Thank you!!!

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