Before, During, AfterJan 11, 2021

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 5

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac

Happy 2021, y’all! It’s been one hell of a first couple of weeks and I wanted to kick things off on a light-ish note with something I’ve promised for some time now. You’ve seen it here and there, but I’m finally digging into all the details of our main bedroom and bathroom. So let’s dive right in, shall we?!

If you’ve missed any part of our mini reveals, take a gander below! Now, let’s get to it!

Part 1: Entryway and Living Room

Part 2: Kitchen and Dining Nook

Part 3: Family Room

Part 4: Bathrooms

xoxo Amber


This is the main hallway that we walk down to get into all of our bedrooms. I wanted it to be filled with natural light and have views of the trees in our backyard from the first to last room. You’ll see that I tied in the same beams from the kitchen down this hallway, and once you scroll down even further, you’ll see we carried the beam theme right on into our bathroom as well.

I can’t talk about this hallway without mention of these gorgeous windows from Marvin. The narrow frame casements are super clean, and I chose to paint the windows and trim in a different color than the walls to make them pop, ever so slightly. They let in every bit of natural light that makes me smile from ear to ear every time I walk this hall. Ps. if you missed it, I wrote all about my window selections and more here!

Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Paint // Walls are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, Windows and trim are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish
Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Ceiling // Ross Alan Reclaimed
Art // Custom by Addie Chapin
Rug // Vintage from Shoppe
Pendants // Obsolete Holophane Glass and Brass Gas Lamp

main bedroom

Welcome to our cozy bedroom! True to form like the rest of the house, I really didn’t want an overly grand or large bedroom. When designing this space it was all about nailing the cozy vibes, and a big giant bedroom for my family of three felt over the top. So we kept in cool, and tried to add volume by vaulting the ceilings and keeping the space light and bright. In my opinion it’s just enough room for the essentials. Our bed, our night side tables, a pretty case piece, a chaise lounge, and of course some extra space for our 3 kittens, 2 dogs, and 1 child to run around!! I brought in all sorts of textures, like a boucle bed, a velvet chaise, and some super soft layers with a pop of color and pattern for the top of the bed. Similar to the hallway, we wanted to look into our yard, and seeing that our bedroom is at the end of our “U”-shaped house, we look out and see green grass, lots of old huge trees – and I can easily spy on what’s happening in the rest of the house!

PS. A lot of you have been asking, and I promise to take you into our closets in a separate post (coming soon)!

Doors // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection Multi-Slide Doors
Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Paint // Walls are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, Doors and trim are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish, Ceiling is ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish 
Bed // The Amber Bed from Shoppe Amber Interiors
Chaise // The Milo Chaise from Shoppe Amber Interiors
Side Tables // Cove End Tables from Shoppe Amber Interiors
Ceiling // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Art // Vintage
Curtains // Custom
shop the look

Amber Bed


Milo Chaise


Exley Leather Pommel Stool


Cove End Table


Baird Hutch


Zion Rug


Ribbed Black Sand Agnes Lamp


Cecil Table Lamp


Medium Carved Dark Raw Lamp


Brass Industrial Chandelier


Medium Matte Teal Table Lamp


Flocca Blanket


Basix Linen Quilt Sable


Simple Lightweight Waffle Blanket


Orchid Taupe Throw


Old Farm Cabinet


Vintage Leather Gym Bench


main bathroom

I gotta say… our bathroom brings me a whole lotta joy!! Like the rest of our home, I wanted this room to have just as much natural light as the rest. No one wants to do their makeup in the wrong light… amirite?!

But in all seriousness and I’ve mentioned this before, I stuck with a simple palette of materials throughout our entire home, but applied them in a unique way in every space. So here, you see the same beams as seen in the kitchen and hallway, but they’re in totally opposite ends of the home. I carried on with custom white oak cabinetry, similar to the Guest and Office bathroom, but designed them to feel cohesive, but also very different from room to room. Like the kitchen, I chose beautiful Calacatta marble countertops, and if you look closely they have a unique ogee edge detail inspired by an old Belgian Farmhouse bathroom I saw somewhere.

I designed the space specifically for our showstopper Waterworks tub and added a custom sheer cafe curtain on the window behind. To the right of the tub, we have a separate shower, lined with Cle Tiles and I used my favorite Waterworks RW Atlas exposed shower system. To finish it off, I designed a custom steel shower door powder coated to match the trim in my whole house, made by my bud Cooper Reynolds Gross.

Paint // Walls are ‘Table Linen’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, Windows and trim are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish
Windows // Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection
Plumbing Fixtures and Tub // Waterworks
Flooring // Country Tile
Shower Tile // Cle Tiles
Ceiling // Ross Alan Reclaimed
Cabinetry // Custom
Shower Door // Custom by Cooper Reynolds
Mirrors // Custom
shop the look







Cultiver Linen Bath Towel Natural


Cultiver Linen Hand Towel Natural


Medium Brass Plate Round


Simple Walnut Container Extra Small


Rita's Car Candle


Medium Desert Sage Moon Vase


Basket with Leather Wrapped Handle Small


Seagrass Basket with Handle Small


Brass Knob Small


Stoneware Bowl Blue & Green


Lodge Sconce in Natural Oak


Aubrey Pendant


Vista Pendant


Woman Stretching


Black Bloak Ladder


Aaaand that’s a wrap on this little corner of our home. Next up, exterior! Stay tuned…..


  • Kristie

    Hi. It’s all so beautiful! What are the floors in the bathroom. In the source you said Country Tile. Did you mean Country Floors? Thanks!

  • Mila

    Beautiful perfection. Would you please tell us what paint color is used here? And what kind of marble is it paired with in the bathroom? Thank you!!!

  • Leigh Greener

    Who manufacturers the white tongue and groove doors?

  • Felicity White

    You’ve created such an inspiring space. I love those vanities more and more each time I see them.

  • Jenny Garcia

    If you don’t mind me asking – what are the dimensions of Amber’s room? She mentioned it’s on the small side but to me it seems like the perfect size! Thank you!

  • Meagan Lee

    One thing I absolutely love about your house is that none of it is not so overly grand in size. The spaces (as for size) are totally achievable. I’m trying to design my own house right now as we are getting ready to build and I’m struggling with dimensions. Would you mind sharing the rough dimensions of your master bedrooms & bath. Please and thank you!! Also your great room as well…well let’s just do the whole house haha 😉😂

  • Kemble bean

    What do you use if anything to seal your white oak cabinets to protect thwm

  • Lindsey Ziegler

    Love everything! In particular, loving this floor tile! Could you provide a link or more info on County Tile?

    Thank you!!

  • Jennifer Grizzle

    Can you please provide more information about the stone floor used in your master bathroom? I am looking for the source and kind of stone. Thank you!

  • Tamara Huggins

    I absolutely love your bathroom floor. It states that the brand is Country Tile. I’m having trouble locating it on the internet. Could you please share contact and product name. Much appreciated.

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