Before, During, AfterDec 7, 2018

Client West Coast Is The Best Coast

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to reveal a big project — and because the holidays are right around the corner, and my book won’t be hitting shelves ’til 2020, I figured it would be a good time to share a project we worked on this year. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to this Santa Monica, California thriller #ClientWestCoastIsTheBestCoast. This was a big ‘ol family home that needed a major refresh and myself and the design team’s main goal for this project was to tone down the traditional white box look and make the space feel homey, layered, collected, and filled with texture and warm tones. While we felt like the Amber Interiors design philosophy and overarching vibes were apparent, we loved the more moody tones this project had.  We are all pretty stoked with how the house turned out and are very excited to share. And because it’s the season, we added in a way for you all to “shop the look” if you fancy. Take a gander at the entire project, as we break down design details from room to room. Feel free to pin, or ‘gram, or tweet, or scream from the rooftops as well…we welcome all the sharing.

Living Room and Dining Room

This turned out to be one of our favorite rooms in the house!! When we walked in, the first thing we noticed was that we had some really pretty molding and trim work to play with, but lots and lots of stark white blaring us in the face. Trust me, we love white rooms around here, but even for us it was too much and we needed a solution to warm up the very large space. We added a textured Phillip Jeffries wallpaper above the chair rail in a beautiful creamy, beigey, gray tone. Although the wallpaper is technically pretty “neutral,” the textured material added a layer of warmth and coziness that was really needed here. In typical Amber Interiors form, we filled the room with several vintage pieces, and mixed in leather, colorful pillows, our Shoppe Woodlake Coffee Table, our newest member of our Shoppe sofa collection (coming soon), some dark evergreen curtains, and a custom designed and built hutch in the dining area, for all the things. 

Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast 3
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Living and Dining Room

Large Coupe Tray



Woodlake Coffee Table



Vermont Large Colander



Ethan Pillow



Tawa Vase



Brass Beads



Vincent Van Gogh



Bent Ply Lounge Chair Pair






Shull Pillow



Condiment Bowl



Norden Planter


Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

When we first laid eyes on the space, we realized we had an all white, all chrome kitchen situation on our hands and we needed a dramatic change for sure. It felt cold, to say the least, and not the slightest bit family friendly. With a little reluctance from our client, and a weeee bit of push back, we managed to convince them that going dark, would actually make the whole area not feel dreary and dark, but much more rich and inviting!  We took the plunge, and landed on a color match of Farrow + Ball’s “Down Pipe”. We also went about adding a custom blackened steel hood and switched out the glass cabinets to solid doors. There was some yucky existing beveled and shiny glazed traditional tile backsplash, that we replaced with a Matte brick subway tile. To play better with the more deep color tones, we switched out all the plumbing and hardware for ones in a dark bronze finish. Although we did not change out the island, or perimeter countertops, we honed the marble and took the shiny shine off a bit. The light fixtures were updated, bar stools were added, and we zhushed the whole room with accessories. Because the kitchen flows right into a bay area of windows, we built a breakfast nook so the family could all squeeze in and chow down. The table was designed and built custom for the banquette, and the chairs were vintage from Shoppe.

Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Kitchen

Baker's Dozen Spoon Set



Brass Pepper Mill 9'


Serving Board Set



XL Coupe Vessel



Brass Pepper Mill 10'



Khonsu Pillow


Family Room
The family room is right next to the kitchen. Well actually, it’s pretty much IN the kitchen. This whole area of the home is an open concept layout and because everyone is always asking just how to flow from one room to the other, we will be sharing that info in the book!! For now, we will give you the cliff notes. This room had the same wainscoting throughout. In order to make the space feel different, but again homey and inviting, we decided to flip the switch a bit and paint the trim a darker, contrasting color. We went with one of our go-to fave gray paints (Dunn Edwards Foggy Day, to be exact) so that it would stand out ever so slightly against the white walls. The thought here was to create interest, without also painting the walls a darker color like the kitchen. When it came to the furniture, we added a huge-normous custom sofa from Shoppe, loads of vintage items, and some of our top Shoppe fave furniture pieces. A giant custom square Chautauqua Ottoman, custom Carpenter Sectional, Topanga Cubes, vintage pillows.. you know the drill. 
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Family Room

Gwynnie Sofa



Ottoman Cube



Kurlisuri Throw



Ethan Pillow



Healy Pillow



Nolas Pillow



Paola Pillow


Office Space

The team wanted to keep this office space bright, airy and functional. They added custom built-in shelves — because, duh. And a seating area, so the client could have a comfortable meeting space.

Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Office

Byron Leather Chair



Copabu Bowl



Straight Edge Catch-All



Foraged Flora



XL Coupe Vessel


Master Bedroom

There wasn’t much to do in this room besides trying to make it feel like it now belonged, especially with all the other changes we made to the house. This master bedroom was very bright and very ready for us to bring in the good stuff! We started by layering and mixing solids, and patterns, while staying in a calm and neutral color tone throughout. All the fabrics, colors, textures really play off of each other in the space, which in my humble opinion, just worked. As always, we paired vintage pieces with new furniture pieces, like the Mandeville Side Table in Ebonized from Shoppe. 

Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Master Bedroom

Mandeville Side Table



Victoria Morris Lamp



Seagrass Carafe


Large Coupe Tray



Brass Chandelier


Kurlisuri Throw - Grey

Kurlisuri Throw



Melan Pillow


Kids’ and Play Rooms

Moving onto some of the most layered and textured rooms in the entire home — the kids’ rooms and playroom. One of the major standouts in the girl’s room was adding wallpaper to the ceiling. Yes, you heard that right. Wallpaper on the ceilings is A-OKAY. We thought it was cute as can be with all the layers, especially the Schuyler Samperton fabric they used for the curtains. The team added custom built-in cabinets for storage with a rolling library ladder and a pretty sweet loft for the kids to play. PS. The cabinets are Farrow and Ball’s Manor House Grey.  

Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast Amber Interiors - Client West Coast Is The Best Coast
Shop Kids’ Room and Play Room

Penny Bed



Hassa Pillow



Shull Pillow



Alexandra Pillow



Nolas Pillow



Khonsu Pillow



Leather Valet Tray



Leather Wrapped Vase


All Sorts Of - Add To Cart: Storage

Floor Basket


Shop Entryway

Anderson Console



Bone Beads



Surf Shake



Vincent Van Gogh



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  • I love this house! Do you sell the current rods or can you provide your source? The corner window in the kids’ bedroom is exactly the situation I’m trying to resolve in our living room!

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      Hi Lacey! They are fresh, fresh, fresh — we never use fake florals. We love a trip to the farmers market or flower marts!

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