InterviewsOct 2, 2023

Meet the Artisan: Kayla Seah

Written by Andie Riedel
a conversation with Kayla Seah…

Tell us about your journey and how you arrived here with Not Your Standard.

Having immersed myself in the realms of blogging and influencing for well over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of exploring an array of products spanning the domains of beauty, fashion, and home decor. After reviewing countless products for my audience, I finally felt it was time to create a product line of my own.
I’ve always had a passion for home decor and there’s always been a desire to craft pieces that not only serve a daily purpose but also add a touch of uniqueness to one’s living space. I noticed that the market was saturated with candles encased in simple glass jars, that essentially were disposed after each use.  I was craving something different, I wanted a candle that would stand out on your coffee table and something that could be used in your home after the candle had been burned. This is where our signature marble vessels came into existence! After creating our marble vessel, I set out the goal to create a wax blend that was non-toxic and had clean-burning attributes. In essence, I sought to offer a product that not only enhanced living spaces but also upheld the principles of sustainability and well-being.


Tell us some things that inspire you daily

The incredible women in my circle, many of whom have established successful product lines of their own! They serve as a constant inspiration for me, urging me to push myself and take risks!


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced along your creative journey, and how did you overcome them?

I’ve always paid attention to the details of everything. In production development, these details can prove to be both your greatest asset and your biggest challenge. They stand as the defining elements that set you apart, yet simultaneously, they often become your biggest headache!


What does a day-in-the-life look like for you?

I still work in the influencing space so I try to split my days up as “Kayla the influencer” and “Kayla the founder of Not Your Standard.” I usually get up, try to have a quiet morning before heading to pilates, I light one of our candles and just sit with my dog. I like to be calm before I go full on into the day. I’m a creative person, through and through, so I tend to thrive off shooting content for my own social or for the brand’s page. We are working on a few upcoming products at the moment, so I’m in a lot of product development meetings, figuring out packaging, formulas, materials and all that good stuff!


Do you have any daily rituals that you can’t live without?

Truthfully, lighting a candle at the beginning and end of my day. It’s a comfort thing for me.


What are you most looking forward to right now for Not Your Standard?

Launching this candle with Amber is very exciting for us! I have admire her work for so long, I’m honored to create such a beautiful, unique piece with her!



Favorite place to visit to spark inspiration?



Color or Neutrals?



One product that is always in your bag? 

Rhode lipgloss


Favorite space in your home?

My living room!


It’s hard to choose one – but your current favorite item from your line?


Our new Ember candle, smells like a crackling fire!

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