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What I’m Packing: Italy Edition

Written by Amber Lewis

As you may have seen on socials, my gorgeous Italian adventure has just come to an end. Travel is a HUGE inspiration for me and the R&R with my family is something I’ll always cherish…even though some of us caught a cold and scheduling 14 people is a massive undertaking. 

I truly loved exploring museums, historic sites, eating my weight in pasta and discovering allll the local wineries.  

Speaking of wine, there was one champagne problem – packing for two weeks of transitional weather in one checked bag, is no small feat. Since I’m often asked in the DMs, thought I’d give y’all a little glimpse into what I packed, including some of my must-haves for adventures abroad.

Spoiler alert: a lot of neutrals and everyday essentials coming your way. 

My Packing Breakdown

First and foremost, gotta be cozy on a long plane ride & this AMAZON SET is officially tried and tested for maximum comfort. Did I mention it comes in 9 colors AND is on sale?! Grab one while ya can. 

Classic button shirts from SEZANE for that Parisian-inspired-Cali-girl-in-Italy kinda vibe. Their TOMBOY button down shirt in BLUE & CAMEL STRIPE were perfect for everyday looks. 

DISSH always has a place in my heart (aka suitcase) and I’m pulling a couple of my faves for the trip, including THIS GEM OF A DRESS and THIS STRIPED SWEATER to throw on for those cooler nights. 

If you know me, you know I love my denim, and a girls’ gotta have options. I brought along these super comfy & flattering high-waisted, wide leg newbies from PAIGE – the SASHA VIPER DENIM and this matching number IRENE TOP. 

And because you can’t have too much, I also included these CARGO JEANS from MOTHER denim. 

Basics on basics – for the plane, long drives and to pair with any and everything, my fave CLASSIC EVERYDAY TEE right now is from ZSUPPLY  

Lucky for me our destination had a pool & this HUNZA G one piece is a fave of so many for good reasons. 

shoes & accessories 

First up, my everyday, most-loved BIRKS ARIZONA SANDALS cause ya know there’s always a ton of walkin’ when you get outta LA.

This leather, handwoven CLAIRE V. GRANDE FANNY  was the perfect bag to transition from day to night. 

For a night out, what was easy on cobblestone and cute to boot? Boots. Another win from PAIGE, the RYAN BOOT.

‘Cause that Italian sun shone bright, I brought my tried and true GARRETT LEIGHT SUNNIES along for the trip. 

I mean, when aren’t CONVERSE CHUCKS a good idea? My fave converse made the trip too.

And to cart this all over, I always invest in some great luggage I’m using my most-favorite RIMOWA CHECKED SUITCASE and my current go-to carry CHRISTIAN DIOR BOOK TOTE. 

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Anddd those were some of my faves – well, for right now at least.  As I uncover All Sorts Of my new fashion faves, I’m going to share here.  Sooo, bookmark this one because the party’s just getting started!



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