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Our Guide to Summer Gardening

Written by Kelsey Walker
Photographed by Tina Michelle Finkel

Love fresh produce but can’t keep a simple houseplant alive no matter what you do?! We get it! Today, we’re setting you up for success by sharing our guide to summer gardening and some tips and tricks from experts we’ve previously featured on the blog. Plus, Shoppe Amber Interiors’ Summer Collection is here to help you stock your tool shed — Read on for all the details!


Plant with a Plan!

Before you set out to build a beautiful summertime garden, spend some time observing your planting area. How many hours of direct or indirect sunlight does the area get every day? What plants or produce thrive in your specific region? These are all questions that are necessary to consider if you want your garden to thrive.

Don’t have enough room to plant a garden? Utilize potted plants to give your porch or stoop a summer-inspired look. Pro tip: Make a tabletop centerpiece by layering potted plants and herbs!

Do your Research

After you’ve gathered the facts about your plating space, take some time to learn from your local farmers or florists. We’ve talked to all sorts of experts on the blog — check out our Boss Files features on Hannah Melde of Golden Heron and Lauri Kranz of Edible Gardens to learn a few helpful tips and tricks!






“Decide where in your yard you want to plant and take an entire day to observe how the sun moves through the space. In order to have success, you need to know how many hours of direct sunlight that patch of earth gets. Then choose the flowers you’ll grow based on that information!”

Hannah Melde, Golden Heron






“The health of any garden begins with the soil. Be sure to research the soil you plan on using. If you’re growing in the ground, get the soil tested, especially if you’re in the city. If you’re using bagged soil, make sure it says organic on it and then look through the ingredients to make sure you can identify each one.”

Lauri Kranz, Edible Gardens

Prioritize Routine

Nothing will guarantee your gardening success like prioritizing a consistent routine! Try burying a soaker hose underneath the soil and connecting it to a timer, ensuring your garden is appropriately watered at all times… even when you’re gone on that week-long beach vacation!

Garden Seasonally

Switch up your garden according to the season! Make sure that during these warmer months, you’re planting in-season produce. Not sure where to start? Check out these monthly guides from Lighthearted Kitchen on Instagram.

Stock your Tool Shed

Once your garden begins to flourish, it’ll be helpful to get a good pair of shears to harvest your produce or trim back anything that’s a bit overgrown and a watering can to keep your plants healthy. Some other essentials? We love these garden gloves and this bucket hat — Plus, they both provide sun protection. Just remember, you don’t need a ton of new things to begin your gardening journey, just start with the basics!

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