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Product Pick of the Week

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Canopy


Spring is truly in the air…which also means allergy season is upon us (and our skin is in need of some constant TLC). As a result, you can find Amber currently on the hunt for necessary essentials to keep her home and skin free of any unwanted dirt and toxins. All about that spring refresh!

Bringing us to this week’s Product Pick of the Week: the CANOPY HUMIDIFIER. Promoting healthy skin and alleviating symptoms of cold and flu, this dishwasher safe humidifier is as effective as it is chic. What makes this humidifier different? It’s the only anti-mold humidifier that has unique technology allowing for clean moisture and clean aroma diffusion. It is just the thing to add to your home during the spring season. Plus, it comes it four colors to choose from so you can add a bit of flare to your space.


Canopy Humidifier


Replacement Filter


Diffusion Well 3-Pack


Rituals by Canopy Aroma Kit


Prose by Canopy Aroma Kit


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