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Recipe: Burrata With Honey-Roasted Fennel, Olives and Rosemary

Written by Wesleigh Byrd
Photographed by Shade Degges

Bre Graham is the author of “Table For Two” one of our most loved cookbooks at Shoppe. We wanted to share one of our favorite recipes from her book!

Burrata is perfect with just a drizzle of gorgeous green extra-virgin olive oil and a little sea salt. That said, when served like this, it becomes a plate of pure pleasure: the cool stracciatella cream in the middle of the burrata when paired with the warmth or the nc nev-roasted fennel and olives, unites my favorite hot-and-cold combination. Serve on its own or with some garlic-brushed grilled bread, so you don’t miss a drop of the herb-infused olive oil.

Enjoy and let us know how you like it!! xx

Burrata With Honey-Roasted Fennel, Olives and Rosemary

Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 30 min
Serve: 2-4

1 fennel bulb, thickly sliced, fennel fronds reserved

1 tbsp runny honey

a big pinch of sea salt, plus extra to serve

3 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp dried chili flakes (crushed red pepper flakes)

1 ball of burrata, about 125g (4 1/2 oz)

1 large rosemary sprig

1 handful of green olives


– Heat the oven to 160°C fan (350°F/Gas 4). Line a large baking tray with baking (parchment) paper. Place the fennel on the lined tray.

– In a small bowl, mix the honey, salt, half the olive oil, orange zest, and chili flakes, then pour it over the fennel. Turn to ensure the fennel is evenly coated. then roast for 35 minutes, until tender enough to pierce with a knife and the honey marinade has caramelized around the edges. Let the fennel cool a little.

– Meanwhile, take the burrata out of the fridge so it isn’t too cold when served, drain, and place on a serving plate.

– Heat the rest of the olive oil in a small pan on medium-high heat. Add the rosemary sprig and green olives and fry until fragrant and slightly crisp.

– Arrange the fennel around the burrata and spoon over any of the honey marinade in the baking tray. Spoon the hot olives and crispy rosemary over the burrata. Top with the delicate bright-green fennel fronds and an extra sprinkle of sea salt.

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