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Shoppe Wedding Registry, Curated by Amber

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac
HAPPY FRIDAY, y’all! Let me start off by saying thank you to all of you for all your support for the launch of Shoppe’s new website. It’s been a crazy fun week over here, and it looks like you guys have had some crazy fun grabbing a few goodies yourselves!!! If you haven’t already, head over to Shoppe and snag your 10% off discount when you use your email to sign up for our newsletter and various Shoppe happenings.


While the whole site is pretty freaking cool (if I may humbly proclaim), one of the new features that I’m obsessed with is our Gift Registry. Yo Brides, I’m lookin’ at you! My little sis Lyndsie, who you may have seen make a debut or two acting a fool or busting out some crazy dance moves over on my Instagram, is getting married this fall!  I am her Maid of Honor, so I went ahead and took the liberty in picking out some of my Shoppe favs that I think she should put on her registry (hint hint wink wink Lynds!!!). Lucky for her and all you brides-to-be, you can now create your very own registry, with as many home goods and furnishings from Shoppe that your heart desires. I’m talking table linens, bath linens, dish ware, serve ware, glasses, serving trays, even a freakin toilet brush and chic paper towel holder…basically, all the household essentials you’ve been eyeing.


It’s VERY easy to set up, and we just added a bunch of new items over at Shoppe that you might want to throw on that list. You can make your registry public or private. I personally would opt to share your link with family, friends, even random strangers, and and make sure they get the hint that you want all the things!! If you have someone shopping for you in one of our Shoppes, our team can easily adjust your registry to reflect that something’s been purchased on your registry. Truly guys, this is so easy, what are you waiting for?!


Want to see what I think Lyndsie should put on her registry?? Here’s a link! For good measure, I linked all the items below, too. Happy registry-ing!!!!
Shop Amber’s Registry Picks

Arezzo Flatware


Teddy Hook


Blackline Small Cutting Board


Linen Duvet Set by Cultiver


Coqui Coqui Coco Coco Difusor


Lazy Susan


Braided Floor Basket


Linen Sheet Set by Cultiver


Norr Paper Towel Holder


Grey Natural Striped Hand Towel


Handwoven Bread Basket


Nagasaki Coffee Spoon Set


Natural White Striped Hand Towel


Olive Wood Salad Server


Simple Storage Container


Humble Utensil Holder


White Jar by Tracie Hervy


Shallow Basket


Small Coupe Tray


Blackline Large Cutting Board


Spanish Wine Glass


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