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Take a Seat with Louise Roe

Written by All Sorts Of
Photographed by Mackenzie Hunkin

Louise Roe is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a major fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration to us and her IG fans, she is a professional powerhouse on top of being an incredible mother. Over the years of building her brand, she has been a TV host, authored her book “Front Roe,” founded her lifestyle site, Front Roe, and she has a wealth of knowledge to share with us all. We’ve been following her journey for years and if you don’t already follow along, we highly suggest you do.

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Louise in her gorgeous 1930s Hollywood Hills home, tucked away from the hustle of LA. It’s serene, cozy and inspiring — filled with rich textures, antiques, and lots of books and family photos. From the sweetest room for her daughter to a cozy reading nook, this home is filled with a few of our favorite Shoppe pieces like throws, pillows and decor — and we wouldn’t mind moving right on in. It’s a home that feels lived in, where style meets function, and we’re so excited to take you inside. Scroll on down to get Louise’s outfit details and home favorites. Then head to Louise’s site, Front Roe, for her styling tips and how she warmed up her home with Shoppe Amber Interiors.
A conversation with Louise Roe…
You’re a major, major inspiration to us when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. How would you define your personal style?

That’s very kind! It’s become simpler and simpler – I like a great pair of high waisted vintage jeans, loafers, a t-shirt and a blazer. Very pared down and rarely heels!


How do you bring elements of your personal style to reflect within your home?

I actually think my fashion and home inspirations are fairly different. For the home, I do love splashes of print and a lot of antique pieces mixed in, whereas I don’t really wear vintage clothes! For the home, I love mixing up rich textures and making a room feel lived in. As many books as possible and low, cozy lighting.


What were the most important design elements you wanted to achieve in your home, both aesthetically and functionally?

A sense of character. I was obsessed with finding an older house. Ours is 1930’s, which is fairly old for LA!


What were some of the biggest challenges of editing your space when you became a mother? From covering sharp corners to creating space for storage — what were some of the best solutions you found to be helpful?

Lots of wicker baskets for toys, diapers and products. We found rubber matting and table corners that matched the color of the furniture so they were as subtle as possible. But for things like stair gates and pool fences — there’s no getting around it — they’re ugly but necessary!


Which is your favorite room at home and why?

Our bedroom. It’s just calm and I love my reading nook. On a clear day, I can see to the ocean.


On top of being a TV host, writer, founder of the Front Roe, and activist, you’re a mama to sweetest daughter, Honor. How do you find the balance to do it all? Do you think there’s such thing as work-life balance?

No I don’t — and it’s within that realization that I found my peace! Taking things day by day and knowing you’re doing the best you can, which is never ever going to be perfect. But if Honor laughs throughout the day (which she always does!), eats her dinner and sleeps well, then I’m happy. The rest is important but not crucial, and will get figured out.


It’s no secret that you are a total powerhouse in building a brand. How has social media changed the way you’ve grown your brand?

That’s very kind of you! I hosted a very successful makeover show on MTV called Plain Jane. I had a very raw and real time with each girl who came on the show, it was a rollercoaster of her finding her confidence, and that resonated with the audience. From that, my social media following grew, and those girls are now career women and mothers, and I’m lucky to have this incredibly kind and loyal following.


Social media has major benefits, but we also know social anxiety is real. What advice do you have for people struggling to build their audiences or struggling to create content?

I totally agree, it’s a double-edged sword. Take it with a pinch of salt – don’t follow people who make you feel crap about yourself, and remember it’s all a bit of a facade. Don’t force content, it’s better to put up less — but real and honest stuff — than to pretend to be a character.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given, either professionally or personally?

Be nice. Simple as that!


What are 5 things you can’t live without right now?

Smythson Planner

Boden Raffia Slides

Shoppe Salad Servers

Kosas Lip balm

One Day (which I’m re-reading)


What’s next for Louise Roe?

Lots of travel! We will be in England for a lot of the Fall, and some exciting projects coming up in the travel and interiors space.

Shop Louise’s Picks

Boden Raffia Slides


Kosas Lip Balm


BCBG One Shoulder Bodysuit


Polka-dot Olive Wood Salad Server


Jenni Kayne Mules


One Day by David Nicholls


19 Cooper Floral-Print Asymmetrical Dress


Saint Laurent Tribute Leather Sandals


John Lewis Whistles Brushed Leopard Sarong Skirt


19 Cooper Smocked Floral-Print A-Line Dress


A walk through Louise’s home…

Katar Wool Pillow


Braided Hemp Pouf


Leather & Iron Sling Magazine Rack




Simple Mohair Throw Olive


Puna Llama Throw


Khloey Pillow


Park Pillow




Winter Pillow


Stoneware Bowl


Essentials By Amber Lewis Candle - June



Found: The Rolling Stones




Woven Cube


Bloak Ladder XL


Leather Wrapped Vases

From $75

Brass Plate


Simple Mohair Throw


Stash Pots

From $120


Rock Match Striker


Wood Creek Palo Santo Bundle


All Sorts Of Shoppe Condiment Bowls

Condiment Bowl


Essentials by Amber Lewis Candle - 1977


Noir Small Slim Cylinder


Simple Mohair Throw


Pipp Pillow


Winter Pillow


Sone Pillow


Tarak Wool Throw in Mustard


Taylor Basket

From $175

Sone Pillow


Isla Pillow



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