DesignAug 16, 2023

How to Style your Topanga Ottoman

Written by Wesleigh Byrd
Photographed by Shade Degges
Amber Lewis knows a thing or two about styling. She’s constantly asked about how to style beds, shelves, tables etc., and while there really are no rules, we wanted to share a little of Amber’s process for styling one of her go-to favorites: Topanga Ottomans. These are one of the best accents to add texture and comfort to any space, and an item we love sharing with our customers at Shoppe. So here’s a peek into her creative process…

1. Select a throw or linen textile that compliments the color and texture of your Topanga to use as a base layer. Fold cleanly and evenly, and place justified to one side.

2. Find a tray to serve as a sturdy base to corral your coffee table favorites. This will anchor your styling!

3. Add a focal point: Depending on the size of Topanga, it’s important to have a focal point for the rest of your accessories to orient around. Oftentimes this will be a vessel, or a larger decorative object.

4. Now that you have your bases covered you can go to town with accents that are appropriate for the amount of surface area you’re working with! We love adding a stack of books, incense, decorative objects, candles or glassware for entertaining. Finding the balance between abundant and clean styling is the name of the game, so play around until it feels right.

Topanga ottomans that take the place of a coffee table are balanced with utility and comfort. Displaying some of your favorite items to ground the room and a lovely way to add extra seating or a place to comfortably prop up your feet at the end of a long day. We’ve added some of our favorite Topanga moments below, and feel free to peruse here for a Topanga of your own!

Topanga Ottoman


Topanga Bench


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