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Boss Files: Fleurs et Sel

Written by Kelsey Walker
Photographed by Pauline Chatelan

We’re so excited to feature Lara Adekoya of Fleurs et Sel today on the blog. Join us as we sit down with CEO and founder, Lara Adekoya, and chat all things baked goods and business. Fleurs et Sel is a long-time friend of Shoppe Amber Interiors and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support this small-batch bakery’s very first brick and mortar location. Read on for more of this special conversation.

Without further ado, Lara Adekoya of Fleurs et Sel…



a conversation with Lara Adekoya…

Tell us about your journey. What was your motivation for starting your company?

I started my business during the COVID-19 pandemic when I was craving connection and community. I am someone who is driven by human connection and fueled by uplifting and impacting the lives of others. During quarantine and the stay-at-home orders, I wanted more than anything to check on my friends, connect with my neighbors, and spread a little light in a time that was so dark and uncertain. When I started Fleurs et Sel, I was not driven by money nor did I have a genius business plan that I had been sitting on for years. I was motivated to start my business because I wanted to create something of my own – that I could be proud of, that would sustain me, and that would fuel my passions and creativity. By starting Fleurs et Sel, I was able to both pour into myself and those around me.


Congratulations on the recent opening of your bakery! What are you most looking forward to in this next chapter of the business?

Thank you so much! This is a big step for our business and truly has been three+ years in the making. I am so proud to say that we will soon be opening our doors and welcoming the community into our new home. I am most looking forward to having all of our customers swing by for a freshly baked cookie. I know it sounds simple, but we have never had our own home. Yes, we have engaged in a number of fantastic pop-ups and partnership opportunities… However, I can’t wait to create new memories in our brand new bakery. We all deserve this moment!


You spent many years living in France. Could you elaborate a bit more on how the country and culture has influenced Fleurs et Sel?

Absolutely. I love France – the language, the culture, the food… I love everything about it. I’m definitely a francophile and the French language and culture have had a huge impact on my life. I started learning French in 5th grade and immediately fell in love with the language. I would read French dictionaries and magazines, listen to French music, and ultimately was able to fully immerse myself in the culture when I lived in France for part of my high school years. The name Fleurs et Sel means flowers and salt in French, which are two of my favorite things. It’s also a play on words on Fleur de Sel, meaning Sea Salt, which we sprinkle atop several of our cookies. Many of our cookie flavors and names drawn from French inspiration, including our Nutella Coeur, Napolitaine (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate), and Raspberry Pistache Amour.

Furthermore, in France, if you’re looking for the best cheese, you go to the cheese specialty shop (la fromagerie). If you’re looking for the best bread, you go to the bread shop (la boulangerie). To that effect, if you’re looking for the best speciality cookies, I hope you will come to Fleurs et Sel.


What inspires you? What factors have played roles in the development of your baking style?

I am inspired by my surroundings. I can find beauty and inspiration all around me! My baking is influenced by my love for beautiful things and making beautiful memories. My baking style is signature to me and I take pride in having my own perspective and opinion when it comes to cookies and baked goods. While I have refined my techniques, flavor profiles, and skills over the last few years, my secret is being true to myself.


What advice would you give to other female minority business owners?

From one female minority business owner speaking to another…. Yes, we will be doubted. Yes, we will be challenged. Yes, we will be overlooked and underestimated. Yes, we have less access to capital, resources, funding, etc. However, with all of this in mind… Keep going! Don’t let these things deter you from following your dreams. Stay focused!


What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for you?

A typical day for me starts at 5:00am. Afterwards, I have quick morning routine including a soft facial cleanser, warm water, and Aesop facial oils. I head to the bakery and open the doors slightly shy of 6:00am. The morning is filled with making dough – mixing flour and sugar, and trying not to eat chocolate chips for breakfast. The afternoons are spent baking off hundreds of cookies and packaging them in individual bags, kraft brown boxes, and finishing off the bundles with ribbon and twine. The highlight of my days are seeing my customers for pick-up in the late afternoon! I love chatting with my customers, engaging and connecting with them, and watching them sink their teeth into our thoughtfully made cookies. The evenings are spent cleaning up shop, responding to emails, and preparing for the next day. In general, there’s always something to do at the bakery and truly never a dull moment!


Do you have any baking tips or tricks you could share with us?

Take your time. Be patient. Get to know your equipment – your mixers, your ovens, your baking tools, your ingredients. Be selective about the type of ingredients you use. Quality over quantity. Stick to what works for you versus trying to mimic others. Baking is a unique experience and there is a certain feeling, rhythm, and ritual that you will naturally develop over time.


What are your favorite rituals around food and eating with others? How would you describe your motivations behind entertaining and how can we make our gatherings a bit more special?

I look forward to a nice cup of coffee and/or pastry on the weekends. My fiancé and I love trying new spots all over the city. We just drove to Long Beach last weekend to try out a new place that we discovered on Instagram. However, beyond trying a new cup of coffee or new menu item, I love to know who is behind the magic. Who is the owner? Who is the baker? What fuels them, inspires them, and how has that translated into their craft? Last weekend, I was lucky enough to meet the owner (a lovely young woman from France who just opened up her new bakery/restaurant, Mangette). Not only was her concept fantastic (and the food and coffee… ahhhmazing…), but the ability to speak with her and engage with her made the experience that more meaningful and special. When it comes to entertaining and making our gatherings a bit more special, I believe it is most important to draw the connection between the food and the founder. The craft and the creator. The cup of coffee and the culture it derives from.


What’s next for you? How do you hope to see the impact of your work take form?

Beyond our first location, I am excited to grow over the next few months (and years) and get into a rhythm. I’m ready to make mistakes. I’m eager to learn from my team. I’m excited to bring Fleurs et Sel to the West Adams neighborhood and share the Fleurs et Sel magic with our new neighbors. I’m curious about where this will lead us as a business and how this will impact both my personal and professional growth. I am optimistic about the opportunities that will arise as we further make a name for ourselves within the LA community and beyond.

rapid fire with Lara Adekoya…

Favorite place to visit to spark recipe inspiration?

The farmers market, coffee shop, or traveling somewhere new!


Most nostalgic snack or treat from childhood?

7-layer bars.They’re amazing!


Favorite space in your home?



Most-used item in your kitchen?

Mini spatula.


Current favorite cooking spice?



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