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Boss Files: Jessie Mo’s Baking Co.

Written by Kelsey Walker

Join us as we sit down with Jessie Gutierrez of Jessie Mo’s Baking Co. to chat all things baking and business. Jessie is a passionate micro-baker based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Without further ado, Jessie Gutierrez of Jessie Mo’s Baking Co

a conversation with Jessie Linich…

Tell us about your journey. What was your motivation for starting Jessie Mo’s Baking Co?

I’ve always loved baking. My grandma is the one who taught me. We would bake these yeast buns every year for Thanksgiving from when I was 5 and this past year was the first without her. After I gave birth, I really struggled with postpartum depression. I had started therapy and she suggested that I hop back in the kitchen and get back to creating, which helped me a great deal. I was working part-time in the mortgage industry as a junior loan processor and was let go. I was panicked at the thought of leaving my daughter in daycare and not being with her. After talking with my family, my brother in law is the one who had the bright idea, “Why don’t you sell your bread?” I figured it was worth a shot, so I opened up Instagram for the first time in 5 years, sent my husband with some menus to post at his work, walked the neighborhood with my baby girl strapped to my chest, posted fliers on mail boxes, and here we are.


What inspires you? What factors have played roles in the development of your baking style?

I get inspiration from everywhere… Trying to get my daughter to eat, my upbringing, what was served at the table growing up, and walking through the produce aisles and seeing what’s fresh and in season. I think that you first eat with your eyes, so besides the way it tastes, the way the product looks is so important to me. I take great care and pride in each score, design, and product I create.


Can you share a bit about what community means to you as a local micro-bakery?

As a neighborhood baker, the support of my community is everything to me! I love connecting with my customers on a personal level. My daughter and I try to play outside during pickups so that we can see and greet everyone. I think and hope that goes a long way with people. I want to be someone that the community wants to support.


What advice would you give to other female small business owners?

As a solo business owner & mama, the advice I can give is just to hang in there. It’s the toughest and most rewarding balancing act. Go with your gut instincts. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy. Be true to yourself and show that to your customers. With time and effort, your labors will be rewarded.


What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for you?

My typical day starts around 4:00am or 5:00am, mixing dough or baking! My husband leaves early for work, so we eat together before he leaves. My daughter is up around 7:30am. She eats breakfast and we play until her first nap around 10:00am. When she’s asleep again, I get to work on cookie or scone dough, or finish up the baking for the day. She’s up again around 11:30am, so we eat a quick lunch, go to the park, run errands, or go to the lake for a picnic! Nap time is again around 2:30pm and this is the time I either shape my dough or set up for porch pickups! My daughter is up for the rest of the day around 3:30pm, so we usually grab a snack and go outside to see customers or for a walk. Family dinner is always around 5:30pm. We play for a little while after that, then start our bedtime routine with lights out by 7:00pm. After my daughter is asleep, I will either crash on the couch with my husband or clean and start prep for the next day! It’s a long day, but I get to be present for her in the most important times of her life, and that alone makes it all worth it.


Do you have any baking tips or tricks you could share with us?

While I love baking and view it as a labor of love, it really is a science above all else. My best tip and trick is to use a scale! It helps ensure your end result is the same every time. And if your baking sourdough, patience, timing, and temperature are key.


What are your favorite rituals around food and eating with others?

I don’t know that I really have rituals around gathering, but I will say there’s always more than enough food and everyone is welcome.



Can you elaborate on your motivations behind entertaining? How can we make our gatherings feel a bit more special?

I love entertaining people and filling my home with laughter and conversations. When my daughter grows up, I want to be the house she and all her friends come to. I plan on doing that by having the best food. But really… make each person feel special, remember the small details about them, ask them questions about their life, really listen to them, or cook or bake something you know that they love. Can you remember the warmth you felt the last time someone did that for you?


What’s next for you? How do you hope to see the impact of your work take form?

One day, when my girl is in school and doesn’t need me in the way she does now, I dream of opening an artisan sourdough bakery and coffee shop. A place where people can get their daily or weekly fresh bread, but also come daily to enjoy treats and ambiance.

rapid fire with Jessie…

Favorite place to visit to spark recipe inspiration?

Walking up and down the grocery aisles!


Most nostalgic snack or treat from childhood?

Bagels & cream cheese!


Favorite space in your home?

My bakery! The “formal living room” of my house. It’s a dream.


Most-used item in your kitchen?

Either my scale, bench scraper, or knife!


Current favorite cooking spice?


Cinnamon! It’s versatile, easily incorporated into sweet or savory recipes!

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