EntertainingNov 20, 2023

How to Style your Dream Autumn Tabletop

Written by Kelsey Walker
Photographed by Shade Degges

Whether you’re hosting an elaborate Thanksgiving meal or organizing a casual autumnal spread, fall is the perfect season for gathering around the table for a cozy meal. We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks for making every moment special.



Lay the Foundation

Choosing how you’d like to set your table can be a bit of a challenging task — especially if you’re like us, and have quite the inventory to choose from (thanks Shoppe Amber Interiors). For fall, we always like to lean into the season and select table linens that incorporate those warm and cozy colors or textures. Some of our favorites for this time of year are the Henrietta Table Runner, the Canvas Vintage Tablecloth, and the Atlanta Placemat.



“Identifying my favorite parts of the process is easy: the very beginning and the very end. It’s at these stages that I get the visualize the space (the very beginning) and then realize that vision with pieces that make a house feel like home (the very end).”

Amber Lewis, Call It Home



Set the Table

When setting the table, we like to use matching dinnerware sets. The Provence Collection includes dinner plates, salad plates, small and large bowls, and a beautiful serving platter for a cohesive look that meets all your dinner party needs. Paired together, the Shelburne Flatware and Lienzo Napkins set a beautiful and functional table. Lastly, set out separate glasses for water and cocktails (or mocktails!) to elevate your table. Some of our current favorites are the Toluca Water Glass and Monroe Wine Glass.




“A leading design ethos of mine is that just because a space is meant to be used a lot, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on design or style. In fact, making a useful space beautiful is one of my favorite design challenges.”

Amber Lewis, Call It Home



Curate the Details

When decorating a tablescape, we love to add unique touches to make the experience even more special. The Granada Vase and Chloe Taper Candle Holders are some of our fall favorites. We love to keep our florals rustic and in warm tones for this time of the year.

Tip: Arrange your blooms in the Giselle Bowl for a unique look that allows room for your creative eye to flourish!

Henrietta Table Runner


Canvas Vintage Tablecloth


Atlanta Placemat


Provence Dinnerware

$18 - $78

Shelburne Flatware


Lienzo Napkins


Toluca Water Glass


Monroe Wine Glass


Granada Vase


Chloe Taper Candle Holders

$28 - $48

Giselle Bowl


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