DesignNov 26, 2019

Our Office Kitchen Makeover With Delta Faucet

Written by Amber Lewis

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of heading to NYC for an amazing few days with my friends over at Delta. It was a trip for me to get all the design inspo I could while we were picking out a new faucet for our office. We spent the day at Artists and Fleas, where I got tons of inspiration from all the local artisans — from jewelry finishes to textiles — I was in design heaven. After the trip, I knew I wanted something that was sophisticated yet a little modern — something the girls in the office would really love.

Fast forward to a few months later, we just installed a brand new Delta Faucet with VoiceIQ™ Technology  in our office kitchen — and we are all obsessed. I chose the Essa® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology in Matte Black. It’s super sleek, has a million and one cool features, and most importantly, it keeps tabs on our water usage.

Living in California has made me incredibly mindful of water conservation. I am constantly making sure that I’m not wasting any water. Trust me, whenever I see a little bit of water left in a glass, I’m headed straight to water the plants! The coolest thing about VoiceIQ™ Technology is that it monitors our water usage online (You hear that office peeps!? I’m watching you!!). So it keeps us on track and I can easily turn off the faucet with voice activation if I’m pulled away from it for some reason — and trust me, I am quite literally being pulled away in a million directions at all times.

The faucet is hooked up to our Amazon® Alexa®* and the exact amount of water we need, all hands-free. Yes, I’m not joking! In the mornings when we’re getting the office coffee going, all we have to say is: “Hey Alexa, pour me 8 cups of water!” It also responds to custom container commands. So I can say “Alexa, fill up the vase for flowers.”* And voila, it’s like magic — the vase is ready for flowers and I’m ready for my coffee!

We’re all pretty excited about our new office upgrade. Take a look at how good it looks in our kitchen!!

*This post is sponsored by Delta, but all opinions are my own.

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