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Take a Seat with Laney Crowell and Geri Hirsch

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Photographed by Saie Beauty

When it comes to clean beauty, you need to get Saie, in your rotation ASAP. Saie is an as-clean-as-it-gets beauty brand founded by Laney Crowell, a former fashion editor and big beauty exec who is on a mission to make the beauty industry a better and cleaner place, period.

Laney and her small and mighty team have spent the last year developing some insanely good products — and we know this because we’ve tried them all. Mascara 101 gives you feathery lashes and it comes right off at the end of the day, because it’s so clean. Glowy Super Gel is like an instant filter for your face and takes 30 seconds to put on. Brow Butter fills your brows in a few strokes and gives you the best texture. We could go on and on about every product, but just know they’re All Sorts Of approved.

Something to point out, clean makeup isn’t easy to create. Formulas are hard to develop and offering them at an affordable price is even harder. Thanks to Laney and her team’s dedication, we now have a clean beauty brand for all. The brand is chic, it’s affordable, and it’s good for the environment. What more could we want?

In today’s interview, we got to chat with Laney and Geri Hirsch, creative director for the company. We talk about their goals, most challenging hurdles in starting a company, and work-life balance. It’s time to ditch the tar and toxins from your past-life beauty products and it’s time to give Saie a go. Without further ado, take a seat with the inspiring Laney and Geri!

a conversation with Laney and Geri…

From the moment Saie landed on the clean beauty scene, we’ve been obsessed. Tell us about your journey in creating this much-needed brand.

Laney: Well I’ve always worked in beauty and fashion. Before starting Saie, I worked at one of the biggest beauty companies in the world. My mission when I left was to make beauty better, which I truly believe it can be. Better for our mind and bodies, better for the environment, and community centric. The journey to get to launch was long. I recruited the team, raised money, designed the brand, built an amazing community, and continue to do those things over and over as we grow. Our goal has always been to have a big impact, so we’re just getting started.


Why clean beauty? What was the number one goal you wanted to achieve by starting a clean beauty brand?

Laney: Our mission is to bring our big beauty expertise to the clean makeup world to make high performing products, with the cleanest ingredients. Personally, it’s very important to me that it’s also infused with fashion and feels just as chic in my makeup brand as any other brand.


Tell us about the global environmental impacts of clean beauty.

Laney: There are almost too many to count. Almost every brand uses virgin plastic, they have non-biodegradable ingredients in their products, like silicones (that never ever go away), and there are over 4,000 ingredients made from petroleum and plastics that go into beauty products. There aren’t any recycling programs put in place to recycle beauty products which is really tough on the environment because they are one of the hardest things to recycle.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced while starting Saie?

Laney: Raising money for the first time was hard. It’s like learning a new language. And developing our products is very time consuming as well. We put really strict guidelines in place and it’s a whole new way of making makeup.


And of course, what were some of the biggest accomplishments?

Laney: Every one of our products has won an award, and we’re only 5 months old! It blows my mind every time I think about it.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, either personally or professionally?

Geri: Stoop to conquer.


What are your tips for managing work-life balance?

Geri: Giving 100% of my focus to whatever I’m doing is key. When I’m working, I’m all in on work and when I’m with my girls, I’m completely focused on my girls – no phone included. It helps keep things flowing without feeling overwhelmed.


What’s one thing you hope your daughters take away from your drive and hustle in creating a company like Saie?

Geri: That pursuing your passions with insatiable curiosity can lead to endless opportunity and when their curiosity is met by that opportunity, they can accomplish anything they want in life if they work really hard.


What’s a daily ritual that you swear by?

Geri: No phone around my girls. It allows me to be super present when I’m with them.


What are five things you can’t live without right now?

Geri: A new found at-home routine, a daily online workout class involving my girls (currently loving all the lives!), making dinner to have a sense of normalcy, a quiet shower before everyone else wakes up, and one self care activity every single night.

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