EntertainingApr 22, 2023

Your Guide to Effortless Entertaining: Summer Edition

Written by Wesleigh Byrd
Photographed by Jessica Isaac

Summer is the perfect time to gather your friends and family for a dinner party. With warm weather and longer days, it’s the ideal season for entertaining outdoors. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect evening:

Preparation and Planning

While it may seem like planning ahead is an obvious step, it is crucial to remember that the more time you allocate for preparation, the more successful it will be. With ample time, you can make any necessary last-minute adjustments and guarantee a flawless evening. To make the most of your prep time, design your menu, create a playlist, and pre-make appetizers and cocktails for guests to enjoy upon arrival.

Design the Perfect Menu

To curate a delicious summer dinner menu, we teamed up with our friend Chelsey from Lighthearted Kitchen with the goal of showcasing the abundant produce the summer season offers. We love to support local growers by shopping at the farmer’s market and leaning into seasonal ingredients by crafting the menu with what’s readily available. 

Set the Scene

We took great care in selecting every detail of the table design to create a memorable experience for our guests. We began by elegantly draping a Canvas Vintage Tablecloth in Noisette to serve as a table runner and then added rustic planters filled with fresh Pieris florals and finished the table by staggering pillar candles in varying heights to create a warm and inviting ambiance that lasted the entire evening. 

Integrate Place Settings

Named place settings not only make it easy for guests to find their seats but also elevate their dining experience. Our talented friends at Acqua and Ink have designed these exceptional place cards to include each guest’s name in delicate text on a beautiful hand-cut linen cloth, creating a perfect match with our locally sourced handmade clay dinnerware. To complete the experience, a complimentary menu was created, allowing everyone to preview the dishes to come.

Create a Playlist

Set the mood for your party by always having music playing (even before your guests arrive). It creates an ambiance that makes your guests feel welcomed, at ease, and ready to have a good time. Try crafting one that matches the mood of your evening, or put on our curated playlist you can enjoy all summer long.

Keep Bugs at Bay

Summer evenings can bring unwanted guests in the form of mosquitoes and other bugs; consider setting up citronella coils around the yard to keep the bugs at bay and your guests comfortable. 

Keep it Simple

Remember that the key to a successful summer dinner party is to relax and enjoy. Don’t stress too much about details, and focus on spending quality time with your guests. Keep the food and drinks flowing, and you’ll be guaranteed a wonderful evening. 

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to plan the perfect summer dinner party. Happy hosting!


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