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Meet the Artisan: Taylor Linens

Written by Kelsey Walker
Photographed by Shade Degges Photography

Here at All Sorts Of and Amber Interiors, we are committed celebrating women-owned businesses by sourcing beautiful goods made by talented artisans in an effort to honor their lasting contributions to our community. We couldn’t be more excited and honored to sit down today with Lynne Taylor of Taylor Linens. Taylor Linens is a women-owned retailer that highlights the art of handmade with heirloom-quality linens and bedding. Read through our conversation to glean some insight into the special story behind this brand as well as some tips and tricks for curating a cozy collection of your own.

Without further ado, take a seat with Taylor Linens


a conversation with Taylor Linens…

Let’s start from the beginning! Tell us a little about your journey that led you to where you are now.

Growing up, my grandparents had a profound impact on my life. My grandfather was a contractor who built homes in Los Angeles. Later, he and my grandmother began restoring homes. Together, they were the dream team! I have memories of tagging along to trips to Melrose Avenue and picking out wallpaper and paint colors. My grandmother was an amazing cook and gracious homemaker. Many would agree that an invitation to my grandmother’s home for dinner was always a treat! Our family often enjoyed Sunday dinners at their home. The table was always set with one of my Uncle James’ Irish linen tablecloths. I remember their home often smelling of apple pie and freshly painted walls.

After college, my sister and I traveled to England to stay with family friends at their beautiful antique-filled home in London. We spent evenings around the dinner table, sharing story after story. We left London, traveling north to MacDuff, Scotland, to stay with Granny Thompson. We stopped along the way at a relative’s home in Aberdeen for a typical Scottish Haggis lunch. I will never forget our time spent in my grandmother’s European cottage. It was adorned with thick stone walls and nestled on the shore of the North Sea. Laying in bed at night, we could hear the waves and the birds just outside our window. We spent some time in other homes in MacDuff during our stay, from which I house many memories of sharing delicious meals together and singing hymns around the piano. But the best part was the enchanting walk through the cobbled streets that we’d take back to Granny’s cottage at the end of the day!

My visits to the Yorkshire Dales and the Cotswolds inspired me to bring home these sweet and simple things that I found so charming. I had a book written by Phyllis George on American craftspeople, some of whom I contacted to arrange visits. Eventually, these endeavors led to me convincing my father to allow me to hold a Christmas boutique at his dental office. As word spread, my Christmas boutique moved to my parent’s home in the hills of Glendale. Lines formed down the streets of the neighborhood even before we would open for the day. Every room had something special — Austrian Christmas ornaments, handmade linens, homemade raisin bread and rum cakes, intricately designed quilts, and more. My whole family was involved, making each endeavor really special for my family. My sweet nieces were in charge of packaging up everyone’s purchases and handling the cash box.

These boutiques eventually evolved into Three Sister Sales, a representative group with a showroom at the LA Mart and temporary showrooms in New York and High Point. We were representing a quilt line at the time, which attracted a couple visiting from India. They suggested that I design my own line of quilts, which they would then produce and export. This meeting is what ultimately led to the creation of Taylor Linens. It took me a while to wrap my head around it all, but after a few designs, my business began!


What inspires you?

I love being home! So when I travel, I opt for small inns or hotels that are just as comfortable as being home. My stays at the Gideon Inn in Blowing Rock and the Basil Hotel near Harrods in London among others, have inspired me again and again. I love to scour antique shops for vintage prints and meet with textile dealers to transform the inspiration I find there into fabrics. Additionally, I find period films like my new favorite English series, “All Creatures Great and Small”, very inspiring.

I find inspiration from my childhood and I have many happy memories of oil painting with my Dad, often on rainy days at our family’s home on Big Bear Lake. I’ve always enjoyed cooking. While staying at the Ballymaloe Inn in County Cork, Ireland, I was invited into Myrtle Allen’s kitchen to cook with her. This is a moment that I will always glean inspiration from! My sister, Susan, inspired my love of English roses. She would cut them from outside and send me home with a beautiful bouquet. I have about 30 bushes and often gift them to my neighbors, too.


What is your favorite part about running a family business?

My family has enthusiastically supported the success of Taylor Linens from the very beginning. I am fortunate to work with a family of artists and I often collaborate on new designs with them. Over the years, most of my nieces have come to trade shows with me. Many have worked at Taylor Linens — Kirsten still does! My sister, Debbie, has been working with me even before our founding. Her dedication has earned our reputation for exceptional customer service!


What advice would you offer to other women leaders in the business world?

Whatever your position is in the business world, surround yourself with ethical and competent colleagues who share your values and passions. Make important decisions in consultation with wise advisors and only take calculated risks.


What is your nighttime routine? Do you have any go-to products that make your routine feel a bit more special?

I enjoy taking my English labs, Birdie and Teddy, on an evening walk before dinner. My favorite bath product is Emma and Eloise’s small-batch goat milk soap from my sister’s farm. I put on comfy pajamas and settle back down to answer emails from our buyers and suppliers who are beginning their work days as I am finishing mine.


What are some foundational differences of Taylor Linens that make your products stand out from the rest?

Our woven, percale, and linen fabrics are all milled to the highest standards using the best fibers to ensure durability. Our linen is made of Belgian fiber and stone washed for softness. All fabrics are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and to make sure colors are fast.

Details like the French seam, intricate handquilting, and exceptional embroidery set our bedding apart. We take great care to make sure our signature white and cream are adhered to and we do our best to perfect our colors. Each collection is thoughtfully designed so that buyers can mix and match.


Could you share some of your favorite tips and tricks to making a cozy, but beautiful, bed and home?

Layering creates the coziest bed! Depending on the season, it could be goose down-filled duvets, blankets, or another quilt laid at the end of the bed. Ultimately our homes should be a reflection of who we are, a place we feel the most comfortable, and where we can be the most ourselves.

Creating a cozy home will be different for everybody. I personally prefer an English style that is well-loved and comfortable. Creating a place where everyone feels at home is really important. My home houses a collection of meaningful pieces — antique furniture, family photos, my great grandmother’s china, and my father’s oil paintings.


What’s next for Taylor Linens? How do you hope to see the impact of your work take form?

I love antique textiles! Reimagining them for others to enjoy is the best part of the design process. I look forward to working more with Craft & Forge and continuing to source from the historic archives of Colonial Williamsburg.

Rapid Fire with Taylor Linens…

What is your favorite place to visit to spark inspiration?

Camps & Cottages in Laguna Beach with my designer Molly English.


Color or neutrals?

Neutrals with pops of color!


Patterns or solids?

Both! I love the versatility of bringing in seasonal patterns with pillows and throws, but I always use my solid white antique quilts as a foundation.


Favorite space in your home?

My kitchen!


Current favorite bedding combination?

Our Sophie Quilt

Bergen Quilt


Dotted Vine Duvet Cover


Dotted Vine Pillowcase


Farmhouse Bedskirt


Farmhouse Quilt


Verandah Duvet Cover


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