Before, During, AfterApr 7, 2021

Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Gwyneth’s Room Pt. 7

Written by Amber Lewis
Photographed by Jess Isaac
Designing a room for a tweenager is a pretty big deal. It’s the room my no-so-baby-Gwynnie will spend countless hours gabbin’ on the phone with her girlfriends, have slumber parties, and she’ll always look back on this room as a place she made memories. So, I decided to let G take the reins and make all the big decisions on exactly what she wanted for her eleven year old self!! My mama let me do the same when I was only six years old, and I remember every decision I made, so I had to pass down the tradition. I’ve gotta say, my G has got quite the eye and I couldn’t be more proud of all her picks!!
The biggest difference in this room compared to the rest of the house is pretty obvious — the wallpaper! Gwynnie picked this really cool watercolor blue and grey cloud wallpaper from Anewall Wallpaper that is such a MOOD and straight up cool. She wanted her room to be colorful and filled with pattern, but not too girly girl or too white and bright. So, we layered in the most gorgeous and subtly patterned curtains from our friends at Filling Spaces, which against the moody wallpaper, was the perfect combination. She chose the Penny Bed with the Moss Headboard, all the cool vintage pieces, and the Tera Armchair where she kicks it before bed — all pieces I am proud to say… yep, that is definitely my kid with some good taste!!! 
And over in G’s bathroom…well, it’s pretty much favorite little bathroom ever. We chose a fun herringbone pattern for the shower tile and the brick floor, chose paneling along the entire perimeter to add even more interest, and a super cool custom shower door. Add in a vintage mirror, sconces, and Waterworks plumbing… and like I said, it all adds up to be my favorite little bathroom ever.
Scroll on down to see G’s room and you know it…. Shop the look!!!
Paint Details
Gwynnie’s Bedroom
Windows and Doors // ‘Piano Room’ by PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell
Trim // ‘Piano Room’ by  PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell
Ceiling // ‘Figueroa’ by PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell 
Gwynnie’s Bathroom
Walls // ‘Table Linen’ by PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell
Windows and Doors // ‘Piano Room’ by PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell
Trim // ‘Piano Room’ by  PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell
Ceiling // ‘Table Linen’ by PORTOLA PAINTS in Eggshell 
shop the look

Penny Bed

From $5,200

Tera Chair

From $3,850

Kalamkari Throw


Footed Topanga Cube


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